January 27, 2015

Lassie "still Sassy" and OT student

Blogger friends... gosh it has been two years since Sassy posted here. She does still exists, and has been very busy studying to become an occupational therapist, rather than sewing. In fact she has not sewn one damn thing in two years. What a shame! No knitting either! How about cooking, you ask? Nope! Hubby does most all of that. She just studies, and studies, and drives, and studies more. Writes paper. Does group projects. And learns some of the most interesting information imaginable. BORING? Not for her. Let's see if I can drum up a photo of Sassy.

Here she is a bit (lot) frazzled. I think the computer camera took this accidentally.
With her anatomy tutor... she'd kill me for posting this with her eyes closed in the photo, but she saved Sassy from the deep dark despair of insertions and origins of muscles.

Then she cut her hair!
And cut it again!!! Pixie!
In OT school she gets to do some fun things like climbing trees. That is Sassy!
Further up she goes.
Then out on a rope! Heart pounding madness was what it was.
Joined by partner Heather.... to walk the rope sideways......
with just the pressure of pushing against each others hands to keep you up,
along with balance, while the ropes move further apart.
Until you fall.
This is us just after she came down and is telling Heather to feel her heart pound. Heather is an
Army veteran and not scared at all. Love the two photo bombing in the back. It's quite a blast at 55 years old, being in a program with a group of twenty and thirty something's.
So maybe we'll see you again soon.... with further fun from OT school.


  1. Yay, its lovely to see you again. Sounds like you are really busy with study. Not sure that I could climb trees even with a safety harness. Glad that everything is going well. :-)

  2. We miss you, Sassy! Great to hear all is well.

  3. Oh it is so great to hear how you have been going! It takes so much time to study and try and have a basic life as well. I had no time for anything else. Good luck!

  4. It's wonderful hearing from you. MIss you! I have great respect for OT's.They have been a great help to us with our daughter Samantha who is now 3 1/2. Pop in again when you can.

  5. I can feel it that you enjoy the transition of your career from sewing for therapy. Best of luck my friend.

  6. it's nice to hear that. It takes so much time to work on it and try and have a basic life as well


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