January 27, 2015

Lassie "still Sassy" and OT student

Blogger friends... gosh it has been two years since Sassy posted here. She does still exists, and has been very busy studying to become an occupational therapist, rather than sewing. In fact she has not sewn one damn thing in two years. What a shame! No knitting either! How about cooking, you ask? Nope! Hubby does most all of that. She just studies, and studies, and drives, and studies more. Writes paper. Does group projects. And learns some of the most interesting information imaginable. BORING? Not for her. Let's see if I can drum up a photo of Sassy.

Here she is a bit (lot) frazzled. I think the computer camera took this accidentally.
With her anatomy tutor... she'd kill me for posting this with her eyes closed in the photo, but she saved Sassy from the deep dark despair of insertions and origins of muscles.

Then she cut her hair!
And cut it again!!! Pixie!
In OT school she gets to do some fun things like climbing trees. That is Sassy!
Further up she goes.
Then out on a rope! Heart pounding madness was what it was.
Joined by partner Heather.... to walk the rope sideways......
with just the pressure of pushing against each others hands to keep you up,
along with balance, while the ropes move further apart.
Until you fall.
This is us just after she came down and is telling Heather to feel her heart pound. Heather is an
Army veteran and not scared at all. Love the two photo bombing in the back. It's quite a blast at 55 years old, being in a program with a group of twenty and thirty something's.
So maybe we'll see you again soon.... with further fun from OT school.

February 28, 2013

Big News

Hi Blogger friends,
Eons and eons have passed with no sewing or knitting and only studying and more studying on these long winter nights here in the northwest USA. I feel so bored with myself some days I could just choke. I long to flit around in one of my 50's dresses and feel carefree and confident. I wonder what would happen if I showed up to Anatomy & Pysiology class as Sassy Lassie? I just giggle at the thought. I just might have to do it as spring rolls around. They all think I'm crazy anyway and my professor would really get a kick out of it.

I do have some rather big news.

I'm expecting!!!!!

No silly not like that. I'm 53 years young!

I'm expecting to go to graduate school.

I got my acceptance letter in the mail on Tuesday and will be going to Springfield College for a Master's in Occupational Therapy. I am beside myself with this new opportunity.

The course is two and a half years non-stop so you won't see too much blogging from me, but I will stop in once in awhile and share what is going on in my life, hubby's, Miss Moll Doll's, and Sir Braveheart's etc.

I'll catch you up a little now. Miss Moll Doll is now on the A team for Main Roller Derby The Port Authorities. In the photo, Miss Moll Doll is in the front row first on the left. The red head. Bea Nimble.

Sir Braveheart just passed the Sgt exam with his police department and will hopefully become active as one sometime this summer. Meanwhile he hangs out with Queen of Braveheart, Luna, Darby and his partner "Chase".

Hubby is busy putting an addition on our home We call it our "rooms with a view" as it looks out onto our beautiful back yard. It is really coming along. Pictures soon. Right now it is all muddy and snowy and one big yuck! But this old picture of hubby is not a big yuck so I'll post it.

Yesterday I backed my car into a tree branch in our driveway and took out a window in my car, so I am taking a mental health day from all activity and being a slug, thus the reason I am blogging.

I wish I had more photos to share of projects I am undertaking. Bloggs are boring and ho hum without photos.

P.S. I have other news too. Will share soon

January 25, 2013

Hellowwwwwww 2013 Blogger Friends

to all my

OMG I can't believe I have not been on here since October. My computer crashed and almost burned sometime soon after my last blog post, thus no blogging. Although I had backed up (I thought) my computer, most of my blog photos were not backed up. I feel like I lost a lot. I guess it is still recoverable, but with only a part time job right now and going back to school, moey has been tight (for me). One of these days I will spend the time and money to recover my old PC.

HOWEVER, for a present dear hubby bought us a macbook pro and I have had a bit of a learning curve on it. I still have not done much with the photo application. I do miss blogging and I miss my blogging friends. How are you all? send me a quick hello and tell me how you are. I would love it
This is MissMollDoll and me and Christmas taking silly photos at my sisters house. It was a bit of a sad day without dad there. We all missed him. Sir Braveheart and his Queen did not make the celebration either as he had to work. Not to change the subject but look at the girth of the tree behind me in the photo. It was ginormous!!!!!

I have not done anything crafty or done any sewing but I do have big news. I got a big Christmas present from hubby. No it's not that one, although I am working on that still too. He gave me "Two Rooms with a Veiw". As we speak he is building an addition on our house. It is south facing and looks out to the meadows and mountains behind our home. The lower room will be my 'sewing' room and the upper room and vaulted, sunbathed, woodstoved, cozy sitting room. I will post photos soon.

I got an A in my Anatomy and Physiology class and this week I just started the second half of the course. I have applied to two graduate schools and I am waiting on hearing the news. It should be at least another month of pins and needles before I hear.

And lastly and totally off subject...somehow...don't ask me how..I came across this contest. It is a perfect contest for hubby to win. If you have followed this blog and know his affinity toward animals, remember Penny the porcupine, Veedor the condor, his trek to Thailand with the Elephants, have I told you about Gizmo the Red Bat? Anyway the contest is a chance to go to India to track the endangered Tigers and help with them. The contest works as a drawing so the more chance (PAWS) a person has the better their chance of being drawn as the winner. Would you be kind enough to help me spread the word about hubby and also give him a PAW? First off you must be on FACEBOOK. Sharing with FB friends would be ever so appreciated.

Click here

Once I figure this whole new computer out I will be blogging again...and of course new updates on the rooms with a view. I will need decorating tips. Send me a hello so I know all is well in your world and give hubby a PAW.

Sassy hugs to all.

October 20, 2012

Doing more studying than sewing

Ahhhh let me catch you up on my life. It has been somewhat interesting of late. First off, school is going great. I just love it. I love learning, and I adore learning about the human body. What can I say, it turns me on. My teacher is fantastic. He makes it funny, interesting and being a doctor himself, knows his stuff. I love it!!! We have moved through the Integumentary System (skin), Tissues, Bones, and now we are onto the Muscles.

On Sept. 29 hubbies cousin got married...She is 23 years old and a full 27 years hubbies junior. They had a steampunk wedding and we all dressed the part. The wedding took place in the train station of the Essex Steam Train and then we took the train to the riverboat for the reception. it was lots of fun.


 Parents of the Bride (Hubby's Uncle),
who just spent the past year (both of them) walking across the United States.
 cindy and kurk
The Bride
 The day after this lovely event, I received a phone call from my sister telling me our mother had taken a nasty fall while retreiving a frozen turkey from a friends house. She was going to bring the turkey to my sisters house to put it in her freezer. We then found out the turkey was a year old and probably no good anyway. Damn turkey. Now (snort) she is living with my sister. It is not funny one single bit, but as I write about the frozen turkey I am finding it amusing. Sorry Patti. Sorry mom. Snort. I have the giggles. She broke her thumb and her kneecap. She will kill me for posting this photo. She is healing well. She has three more weeks in the leg cast and maybe 2 more weeks in the hand cast. She had to have surgery on her hand. Poor mommy. It has not been an easy year for her. This is what she thinks of the whole thing.
We also went to a wedding in the Adirondacks. It was a nice little weekend away for the two of us and actually happened before the steampunk wedding. Many years ago when I first started dating hubby, I worked in a restaurant. This little girl was around 5 years old and was the owners daughter. All grown up.

We shared a cottage for the weekend with her mom and her 'boyfriend', her ex-husband, and two other friends, I have not laughed so much in years. OMG!!!!!!!!! Her dad, who is a chef, prepared ALL the food for the weekend, and we donned aprons and served the food during the reception.
I wore the cute polka dot dress I sewed...but no one, pointing upward, took a photo of me.


 In other news unrelated to weddings, falls and further education, there is Miss MollDoll AKA Bea Nimble and the Roller Derby world. She is fast becoming a, flash your hands like Mary Katherine Gallagher and say SUPERSTAR. Okay, I am her mother and she DOES where a star on her helmet. If you are ever in the Portland, Maine area, you should most definitely try and see a bout. It is some crazy stuff, and if you figure the game out, come and explain it to me.

I will end with a cute photo of Pabu on our Adirondack  getaway.

September 15, 2012

This is for you Steph. MPB DAY 2012

I have been so late in posting about MPB day 2012. It happened over 6 weeks ago. Shame on me. Hubby went to pick up some dog food the other day and Stephanie asked about it. Heck it is almost time for next year. In case any of you would like to join us next year, you can save the date today, it will be Sat. August 10th. Be there or be Square.

I started off the day bright and early and arrived in NYC at 9:00 am...and then promptly got lost. One wrong turn and woops I was a goner. I found a parking lot and asked the nice Indian man where the Chelsea Flea Market was, but did not get far. I was beginning to get a migraine and his words sounded something like Charlie Brown's teacher, blah, blah, blah.

There was a park nearby and I thought it might be part of the Chelsea Flea Market. Let me back track. My trouble really began when Peter gave me the directions to meet him at something like "the southwest corner" of 7th avenue". I would not know the southwest corner of my own hand. How the hell am I supposed to know the southwest corner of a street in NYC? Really I kid you not. Directions like that instantly send my brain into a tunnel that there is no return from. Never. I think it is still hiding there and hoping no one will ever mention the 'southwest corner' of anything ever again. My brain does not DO directions. Now think of it with a migraine and soon to be flooded with a whopper of serious migraine medicine  and whoooa. I am surprised I ever made it out of NYC.

Anyway, I gave up on finding the Chelsea Flea Market...and went straight to the Fashion Institute where Peter, God bless his soul, had told us to meet him at this sculpture. This I can DO!!!!!!!!

 Here we all are!

At the Fashion Institute we saw an exhibit of designers from A-Z. There was no real cohesiveness to the collection, but it was wonderful to see a real Chanel, Valentino, and Francesco Scognamiglio.

While viewing these amazing one of a kind garments, a few of us (I don't think I did it)... set the alarms off.
  "Keep your hands at your sides at all times. No touching the garments. Keep your hands at your sides at all times". "but, but, but...they are so close...look ma, you can reach out and touch them." There was a nice guard who just politely smiled at us each time we set the alarm off. (grin).

Soon we were off to have lunch at The Brown Cup. I don't know why I am sticking my tongue out!!!

Looks like I was in the mood to make funny faces.

At lunch, I was able to also finally meet, Peters partner Michael. I'm not exactly sure how it all happened, but we have become fast friends, and I would not have it any other way.
We even look like we coordinated our outfits.

And meeting Peter, what can I say, I have laughed and cried while reading his blog.
 He has made me smile on days I did not think I had a smile in me. I adore the man.
I wish I could have spent more time with them, but it was just not in the cards that day.

 And now off to do what we came here for...shop...and visit the garment district.


Just minutes after entering "Mood"  someone, not sure who, phoned Peter and said there was a commotion outside Mood, as in gunfire, and to stay inside.God bless Peter for a second time. He gathered us and told us to stay inside as something untoward was happening out the doors of Mood. An hour or so later when we gathered our wits about us and made our way outside we found about 30 or more police cars, miles of police tape, 50 or more officers. Peter would not let us (me) stop and be part of the gaggle of onlookers.

Later we found out that a man had come at a police officer with a knife and the officer shot and... well guess the rest.

I am a bit ungrounded on a good day...add NYC (I'm a whole lot country), a migraine, migraine medicine (3 different kinds) and the pure excitement of finally meeting PETER and well....I was more than a bit ungrounded, the song "Fly Me to the Moon" could be heard coming out of my navel. Peter was afraid that I might get lost, so God bless him for a third time, he wrote a note that I could give to a nice New Yorker in case I got lost to tell them where I was supposed to meet him.

I only bought one piece of fabric all day, and I love it. So unique and special. It is a very light peach colored chiffon and was $15.00 a yard. I bought 2 yards. Here I am modeling it in Bryant Park.

I am going to underline it with a silk satin. This may be my first draping project. I sure wish a certain someone would ask me to marry him. I think it would be a nifty wedding dress.

 How's this for a lovely image. This is what happens when your face hits the tread of a treadmill. It's even worse now as the scab keeps getting darker and darker.

Photo: I call this my half-hitler. Someone else thought it was a new aggressive mole growing on my face. Glad it is just 'treadmill' burn.

September 13, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Smart Things

Smahart Knitting things that is...and few it is.

Yes I added the mustache. I could not resist when I saw it in the Flickr enhancements.
 I hear they are quite in right now, mustaches that is.

The one below was gifted to Miss Molldoll by one of her campers this summer.
I guess some things, like cup cozies, never go out of style.

Do you think I could find these cute wedges heels to attach these to?

Watch out family, EVERYONE may include you. Christmas is right around the knitting corner.

I really love this and the gal is quite stunning compared to what we looked at yesterday.
The yellow rose of Texas gal.

I also have to share this with you....my facebook status for today:
My day so far:
1) Found "50 Shades of Grey" on the library book shelf...had to snag that one...just so I could see what my 80 year old mother has been reading.

2) Got a flu shot for the very first time. Now I am officially being tracked by the federal government according to a certain someone (hubby).

3) Did a face/body plant on a moving 5mph treadmill. and ended up in a heap. My first thought was for my teeth and nose...are they still attached. thank God yes...although swollen and bleeding.
And having just left Anatomy and Physiology where we studied the 'epidermis' now I can see a crap load of it on my knee where the skin all burned/scraped off. This is not the easiest way to learn.

September 12, 2012

I Know You Have Been Breathlessly Waiting

For more Smahart Knitting....

I call this "Rabbit Foot Lady" Come on now gals, don't tell me you aren't going to run to your nearest and dearest yarn store to gather what's needed for this little pretty.
Tinsel Hat Lady

Um...what size is her waist? If it is more than 12 inches round, I will eat that hat above.

Not trying to be fresh or anything, but I think he is a graduate of the gay bird club. What do you think Peter?

Hmmm Ummm. Yup...This is what scares all of those Republicans. 
How about a little tennis lesson, young man?

" Oh Phyllis, do you think my curls clash with the stripe in my sweater?"

"What are you knitting Sally?" 

"Who me?"
" Why I'm just throwing together a nice little matching angora mittens and HELMET"

Okay...how about YOU give this gal a title.

Tomorrow I will show you the few things within "Smart Knitting" that I like.


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