June 23, 2009

A Toast Party

Recently I picked one of these up at a tag sale. It is a chrome wonder! When I researched it on the web I found out that MY toaster was made sometime between March 1946 and June 1947 and it STILL works.
It came with its own toast cutter and prongs for removing the toast. Upon further research I happily discovered that it was part of a “toaster set” called a “Toastmaster Hospitality Tray”. So with that swell news I think I am up for hosting a ‘toast party’. Who wants to come?
Ad reads: When you own a Toastmaster Hospitality Set, your cocktail parties are an assured success. Your guests don’t have to juggle as they handle a glass, canape, a napkin or a cigarette. They use the roomy, different Toastmaster Lap Tray. And you too “Join the Party” because your time is not taken up preparing hors d’oeuvres. Let the guests make their own. They simply help themselves to toast and to the tasty spreads contained in the beautiful Duncan glass dishes, and go on their way praising your good taste and good providing.

Gosh, I just love the simplicity and yet formality of it all. I am going to check into this further and as sure as the day turns into night I am going to host a party. Why wouldn’t I? It sounds like it is a snap to prepare. Ladies and Gents get ready.

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  1. I'd love to attend (or host) a Toaster Party! I'll bet it'd be as much fun as a Fondue Party ;) I've got a vintage Sunbeam that I use nearly everyday and it still toasts to perfection :)


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