January 26, 2010

Getting Ready to Sew

January 25th
I have to admit, I am a little scared to start sewing. I guess I am afraid my technique will not meet my expectation. I remember when I used to cater and I had a particularly difficult new recipe to prepare, I would get this same feeling. It always worked out one way or another and at the very least I learned something new about cooking. I'm sure it will be the same for this dress.

So procrastination...be gone!

January 26th
Today I took the plunge and started cutting out the test pattern. I feel as though I have forgotten everything there is to know about sewing. Mrs. Pitt where are you (7th grade home economics teacher)? As you can see in the photo, I had a furry friend to help support the cutting.

Once the cutting was done, Dalai thought the
bunches of material made for a nice place to take a nap.

Out came the directions and I was stumped right off the bat. The directions asked me to "gather". In times gone by I would have gone to my mother, grandmother, aunt or older friend to teach me, but today all you need is a computer hooked up to the internet. Gather. Still feeling unsure about all of this, as it took me hours to get my stitches on the machine to be just right and now I am being asked to fool around with the stitch length. I guess this will be a learning experience for sure. Be back in a minute.

I did it. I gathered, created darts and sewed the seams together. Biggest news is: It fits!!! Although there is no room for weight gain in the hip area. All the more reason to get exercising and toning a bit more.

I think I will also do a mock of the top, just to be sure it all fits. See you tomorrow.

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