January 13, 2010

It has been months...

When I posted my last post in September, I was working on writing a post a day. That IS how blogs should work. Not this here and there stuff. What happened? It has been so long ago that now I can't even remember. But let my try to remember, which will be good for this aging peri-menopausal brain.

There was the garden and bounty of vegetables that needed tending.
There was our trip to Maine to visit my daughter.
Oh then there were the holidays.
The knitting.

Darn, It seems I have no excuse. At least no good excuse. So I won't try anymore excuses. I will just work on the blog.

I do have to say that my love of knitting did take me off course. I knit many gifts for Christmas. Knit, Knit, knit....that was all I did. No cooking, no cleaning. Just knitting and I loved it.

I have also become enamored with vintage sewing patterns. What can I say? I love the styles. I want to create each one I see. My head starts twirling and spinning in magical thoughts of crinoline, cotton and satin ribbons. I want to be 15 and going to a party with my beau, who waits outside in his '57 Chevy with sweaty palms and too much brill cream in his hair. I yearn for those days, which I never actually lived through. But then again, I love the age of the computer, so I want this grand mixture of then and now. Of youth and maturity. Of puppy love and secure, comfortable old love. I want it all. But for now I will just blog.

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