January 16, 2010

Ready to Rumble?

It all started this spring when I went out one Sat. in search of vintage cooking ephemera to use on a cooking show my sister and I were in the process of doing. At one particular tag sale I hit the mother load. A box filled with over 50 pairs of vintage leather ladies gloves, silk slips, cookbooks, muffin warmer, toaster, and the amazing 1960's GE electric can opener below. My husband almost flipped his lid when I came home (and not in a good way). "Where are we going to put all of this stuff?" says he. "I'll find a spot", says me batting my eyelashes.

1960's GE electric can opener

When I first acquired this can opener it was dirty and needed a little TLC. I scrubbed a bit of the grime off and plugged it in. Zipppppppppp. Around it went and opened the can faster than any can opener I had ever used. It was magic and I loved it. Not the hubby though. He does not share my fascination with this household objet d'art. So it was put away in a closet till I pulled it out this morning to blog about it.

It seems so "Jetsonion" to me and I love the way the legs splay out beneath it. I have searched the internet, but have been unable to find out the year it was produced. I am guessing early 1960's. I did find out that GE developed the first electric can opener in 1958 and back in June I do believe I found a little more about this one on the internet, but today the information is gone. Sigh.

But with that, my can opener is plugged in and ready to start opening some cans. Will have to look for a recipe in the cookbook that uses cans.

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