January 19, 2010

Size 12 Vintage = Size 4 Today

In preparation for sewing after almost 20 years, I went to a local sewing center to pick up supplies. Needles, bobbins, thread, tape measure and a lovely new "needle tomato". The next day I set about cleaning my office to make room for my sewing and whilst organizing I found all of my old sewing supplies. Here is my old tomato next to my new tomato. Which shall I use? In the end I will probably use both. I tend to work all over the place when I am creating. I am like a whirling dervish when I am in the process, so the more the merrier when it comes to supplies.

My one goal for yesterday was to lay out and cut the pieces for the dress. Unfortuntely I did not accomplish this. I took out all the pieces to make sure they were all accounted for. Which they were. Then I ironed the wrinkles and creases out of them. What I love about working with vintage patterns is that some other person long ago, used and created with the same pattern. You can find out a lot about that other person when sifting through old patterns. What I found out about this pattern is that whoever had it first created view 1. All of view 2 pieces (the dress I am making) are still uncut.

Back to why I did not cut the fabric. While pressing the paper pattern I looked with horror at the pieces for the skirt of the dress. Can you say straight and tiny? Oh dear. In general I am a fairly small person, but I am wondering if I am THAT small. I went and got my tape measure to tape my measurements against the pattern. Oy. The measurements DO NOT add up. However when I place the pattern piece against my body it feels like there might be just enough room. But then there are the darts.

I used to sew for my children and can honestly say that this dress is the most daring and complicated pattern I have sewn. I don't think I ever made myself a dress before and I want to do this one right. So I have decided to go to the thrift store and pick up a cheap sheet and cut the skirt out of and see if it will fit. I wish I had a dress form but this will have to do for now. Either that or I diet. Which might not be a bad idea anyway. Touche.

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