February 10, 2010

A Snow Day?

The forecast for today was 10"to 15" of snow. It was supposed to snow all day and into the night, but time and again I looked out the window and not a flake to be seen. So I decided to just forget about it and bake some cookies and blog. I started looking through my basket of recipes and then a picture of this cookbook that I had upstairs popped into my head. It is copyrighted 1955. Perfect.

I was in the mood for oatmeal cookies and searched the book to find a recipe and found one for Orange Oatmeal Cookies. I especially liked the fact that the previous owner had checked the recipe. Must have been a favorite. I got this cookbook at a tag sale this summer. I was out and about looking for just something like this and was WAY out in the middle of nowhere and saw a sign for a tag sale. Low and behold I hit the jackpot and think I paid $2.00 plus a Big-Y Silver Coin (no lie) for about 10 cooking pamphlets and books.

The one thing about many of the vintage recipes is that they used many ingredients that today are deemed harmful or at the least not very good for you. I use organic baking products where ever possible and was able to make these cookies using almost 100% organic ingredients.

Shortening 1/2 cup

Organic quick cook oats 1 cup

I egg (although not organic) they are local

Into the oven

Into the cookie jar

They turned out delicious and were just the thing to cheer up my husband. He loves cookies and said they will be gone by tomorrow. The only thing disappointing about this recipe is that it only made 24 cookies. I will have to double it next time. It was simple as could be and they are almost healthy.

Here are some illustrations from the book.
I just adore them.

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