March 23, 2010

One Night...Just One Night

I am admitting that I would love to spend just one night in this outfit in the center.

Not just in the outfit, but in the center of London's mod scene back in the 60's. I would start off with drinks, perhaps a "sloe gin fizz" at a really hip girlfriends flat. As we smoked cigarettes, we would talk about the men we would like to meet and gossip about others. Our sultry makeup and false eyelashes would be thick and well applied.

Next we would get a cab and go to a groovy club to dance and drink some more. (okay, I admit I have been watching too many movies. But after reading Patti Boyd's bio, I do believe people had lives like this). As for me, I was home in the 1960's in America reading Nancy Drew and drinking milk.

A girl can dream, can't she?

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