June 19, 2010

My Little Girl Pocketbook

My daddy gave this to me when I was six years old and against all odds 
(my mother was not one to keep things), I still have it.
It is small and adorable.
It has really never been used, although I probably took it to church on occasion as a small girl.

Thanks Daddy... I still love it!!! and you too!!!


  1. Wow! An Aigner bag for a 6 year old! I remember my little Easter bags were either white straw or white patent leather (plastic really!). Even though my Mom (for whatever occasion) would give me a card with my gift signed from both she and my Dad, my Dad would always present me with a card that he picked out and signed himself. That always made me feel very special. Dads are just wonderful:)! Happy Father's Day to yours and mine!

  2. That's is a lovely purse. Your dad must love you very much.


  3. How gorgeous!! I wish I had something like that. Unfortunately my mother is also not one for keeping things, and even if she was, she only had crap stuff anyway!

    You are a lucky girl!

  4. Cute blog! You might like http://ahappyhomeisaretrohome.blogspot.com

    This young lady, Jenny, was interviewed in an article in which "50's Gal" was also interviewed, as a young lady that loves retro! Mary R.

  5. How lovely! I'm glad you still have it!


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