June 21, 2010

Sum-Sum-Summer Time

Happy Summer Everyone

I adore these months of summer. Last night we ate our first bounty from the garden. We had snow peas, lacinato kale and onion tops all sauteed together and a salad with mesculan and arugula. This is hubby saying, "please put that blessed camera down".

I also finally got a little sewing done this weekend. Dibs and drabs here and there. I like to devote a block of time and just work through a pattern when I can, but lately this has not been something I can do because life is just too hectic.

I'm not sure if I like the swiss dot yoke. It is see through and although I have nothing to show, it shows the seams underneath. Do you think this looks bad?  

I was excited to see this recent post by Lisette over at "What Would Nancy Drew Wear" or "WWNDW" for short. I love the idea of what Nancy drew would wear and she also inspired me to go find my Nancy Drew books and read one. That is where I will be this afternoon. Laying on the chaise lounge on my porch with some ice tea and one of these Nancy Drew books.

Hi! My name is Lisa Phelan
Look how I ruined this old book when I was younger!!!

I am in the process of photographing all of my patterns. The collection is getting large...I have about 35 or more little girl patterns. I am hoping one day to have a grandchild that will actually LIKE wearing some of these.
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  1. I love that yoke!! If you line it, I think the seams won't show as much. Your dress is coming along beautifully!

  2. You could always line the yoke if you hate the see-throughiness of it. Or you could be lazy and get some opaque iron-on backing and stick it to the back of the white fabric. That's probably what I would do.

  3. Keep the yoke, you egghead! (TeeHee!)


  4. I think it would be neat to add some black bias tape or other embellishment at the neckline to sort of frame the white area and unite it with the black and white gingham. As for see-throughness, I line everything I can figure out how to, but that said I would only notice on someone else if I could clearly see undergarments through it. Being able to see the seam allowances doesn't really bother me.

  5. Yipeee...thanks Andrea...that is a great idea!! The dress is navy (I know hard to tell in photos) and seam binding or bias tape would be perfect. I am so excited at the thought!!!! yeah!!


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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