June 12, 2010

twiddle dee...and thrifting

I have been very non-productive this week. I can't seem to get my butt in gear mojo going. It seems I have been doing lots of nothing and more procrastinating than anything. I guess this is how I work though. I create, create, create and then need some time to just settle in and do nothing for awhile. It is not the best when you are a blogger, for it makes for boring blog posts. Will have to work on this!!!!

It's not like I do nothing all day. I have a full time job, two homes I care for, hubby (he is very self sufficient thank goodness), the animals, a garden and two children. My children are grown and very self sufficient as well, so all I really do for them is cheer them on in life and be a mommy when needed.

So yesterday in my procrastination I found this pattern and bought it for the Carmen Miranda inspired outfit. I will use the center gal with the front opening and add ruffle all the way around in a contrasting fabric.

And use this pattern for the top cutting the bodice shorter and adding a tie at the ribcage.
For the past few days, a voice in the back of my mind has been telling me to go to my favorite thrift shop. It is about 20 miles away and not in the direction I usually find myself so it is not someplace I find myself without consciously making the trip.

I went to the back of the store where the fabric is usually shown and there was so much fabric I about fell over. I went with the intention of finding some sheets that might work for a dress, there were none. But the FABRIC. I just kept adding more and more to my pile. Most of it for $1.00 - $3.00.
A lovely plaid that I KNOW miss moll doll will love to have a shirt made from.
You can't tell from the photo, but this is checked. Miss Molly has a friend who had a baby boy this morning 
and this will be perfect for a little romper.
I was just looking for some white dotted swiss. Thank you Universe. ( you can also get a better idea of the blue fabric in the lower right corner)
I am leaning toward using this for the base of the CMIP (Carmen Miranda Inspired Project). It is a cotton-poly blend.
There is over 5 yards of this fabric..so you will see lots of things come from this. 
I wish I knew what kind of fabric this is.
This is black linen and enough to make a skirt. Or am open to other ideas. Please share.

And 3 yards of this cotton-poly paisley fabric for $1.00.

 Angel and Pabu are enjoying using them as beds.

And as I try and write this blog post Angel just wants to be close to me 
which is making it difficult to see the computer screen.
My other purchase at the thrift shop was 4 cute plates with a maple leaf motif and a small indent to place a cup. I loved them right away and at $2.50/4 I put them with the rest of my windfall. I chatted a bit with the smart looking gals, Joan and Lucy, who donate their time for this non-profit thrift. They were intrigued by what I do and as sewers themselves wanted to see some of my creations. (and hint...these gals know a thing or two about sewing and just may mentor me if I get to know them better). They proudly stated both of their ages as 75 years young. When Lucy started wrapping the plates in newspaper I poo pooed her and told her she did not need to waste paper on me. I was just going home and no problem. Well I was not 5 minutes down the road and had to slam on my breaks and I lost all 4 plates. I was so sad to think these had survived all these years and in my hands, in a matter of minutes I had broken them.

Now I need to find someway of disposing of them without hubby finding out. I have a small addiction to plates and he says NO MORE, but I can't help myself (and I know I have comrades in arms out in the blogasphere).

 I also cheered my son on this week (after the fact) as he ran 9 1/2 miles as a torch runner with his SWAT team for the torch being run to the Connecticut Special Olympics. My son is over the left hand shoulder of the man carrying the torch. He was the officer who passed the torch onto the next group of officers with his teammates cheering "Rangers Lead the Way".

So that's what I have been up to in my non-productive state.



  1. You really did score with all of that fabric! It's too bad about the plates...Couldn't you find another use for them somehow? A mosaic, perhaps, or if you glued them back together, put them beneath planters to catch water overflow? They really are lovely, it would drive me nuts to just pitch them.

    Congrats to your son, too! I think running 3 miles would put me six feet under, to say nothing of nearly ten. :)

  2. I'm reading this and when you said you slammed on the brakes I went "Ahhh!" in reaction to the fact that I just knew you lost them. :(((( OH, Lassie!!!!

    On the other hand, today Frank told me about a friend of ours who bought a set of vintage Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel dolls for $50!!! I don't know where she found them but if I can get a photo of them I will forward it to you. I would probably KILL for them. Why couldn't it have been me....or YOU for that matter, that found them?!

    So sorry about the plates.


  3. Jen, thanks for the ideas, a mosaic might be just the thing to refurbish these plates into something new and grand. My son is my hero, don't know if you have read other posts, but he had a massive heart attack when he was 23 so running 10 miles is not exactly the same for him as it is for others.

  4. Steph... I would just like to SEE the dolls. Gosh how adorable would they be. Missed seeing you this weekend. Hope to see you soon. It was a regular nightmare tonight.

  5. Wow! You did score and I thought I did well with the metreage of brocade that I found this week! Moasic would be great for the plates... a pot plant holder, a bread board, an outside step... lots of ideas come to mind. Besides sewing, I love to mosaic. Congrats to your son! How wonderful to be a part of it all. Monique xx

  6. I love the material. I just made my first homemade dress....I did it myself and have never sewn a thing. I'm addicted. Still loving the blog, keep it up! Oh, the little yellow spell check boxes can be removed by going back and clicking the done spell check link when you are finished editing....just an FYI. Have a great day!!

  7. (((Tracy))) I thought I was the only one who saw those little yellow boxes. Thanks so much for the heads up!


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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