July 23, 2010

Tell Your Friends-Great Giveaway Coming Up Soon

Well I guess it will depend on all of you as to how soon this giveaway happens. I am looking to get 100 followers, let's say, soon. When I hit the 100 mark I am planning a giveaway that will include:

No, not me silly, but....
Realistically I am not going to get around to having lenses put in, so I thought I would share the love.
They are the real deal.
This lovely pattern. Get a load of the writing on it.
And what is with those hairdos?

"Thought you might like to use this sometime".
" I made me a navy blue with printed bow like this."
Size 16
Bust 36"
1 1/2 yards of this fabric.
American Girl 
February 1957
Not in the best shape, but a gas to look through.
And probably a few more lovely additions before the actual giveaway takes place.

So please share this post with your readers and friends.
Tell them to help me get to 100 followers and to watch for
the requirements to win this stash of goodies.


  1. Looks like it will be a fun giveaway. I have been visiting for a while now but joined as a follower today.

  2. Thanks for the follow. I only need 8 more...so it should happen soon.


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