September 17, 2010

This is for you Stephanie

I have a moment before heading over to the new house to do some massive cleaning. I am procrastinating and someone on Facebook got me started looking at Beatles stuff on YouTube. I am one of their biggest fans but have never heard these recordings from the early days.

These both feature George, Stephanies' favorite Beatle. Who is your favorite? Come on I know everyone had one.

See you all soon!


  1. Maybe it's because he's typically under appreciated, maybe it's because I love drummers, maybe it's his fabulous drag-esque name or maybe it's because he wrote Octopus' Garden... but I love me some Ringo Starr.

  2. Nancy, I wish this was like Facebook and I could "like" your comment. Maybe I can make that available.

  3. Ohhh, Miss Lassie, it was so nice for you to think of me, however, I think I have scanned through every You Tube video there is on The Beatles/George Harrison. I have seen both of these and actually, it is George Harrison after The Beatles that I am most interested in....and to quote Nancy, "I love me some George Harrison"!! Boy oh boy do I ever!


    P.S. I'm glad someone other than myself procrastinates.........I'm a procrastination fiend!

  4. I loved Paul back in the 60's, 70's when I was kid/teen - but now I have a soft spot in my heart for Ringo. He always had the sweetest grin on his face - and I love that nose! It's got character. :-)


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