October 23, 2010

One final thing I have to do... and then I'll be free of the past.

That is a line from the movie "Vertigo" and is reflective of my life right now.

During 'the move', I developed a cold. I don't get them often and thank goodness because this cold then made me susceptible to something called BPPV which stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. I had my first incident with this about 3 years ago after having a molar break off and then having it fixed. 6 months later, I fell going up some stairs in the dark and crashed my face into the banister (just call me Ginger Rogers) and developed it in spades again. With this second onset I was barely able to even walk.
The Sunday after our move, I woke up and there it was again. Unlike the movie, vertigo really has nothing to do with high places. Although if you were spinning and had no idea where your body was in relation to the world, which DOES happen, you certainly would not want to be anywhere high.

Positional Vertigo is caused by calcium crystals that break off within the inner ear and move into the wrong place. When you move your head in a certain position, they cause severe spinning until your brain can re-adjust. Let me just say....it is horrible. A simple technique done by a physical therapist called The Epley Maneuver heals it in about 4 minutes, however for me, it took a few weeks before doctors were able to determine what kind of vertigo I had and to have this maneuver done.

This time I knew right away and only had to deal with the spinning and nausea for about a week. But it was the week after we moved and so I am really not that far into the moving into the house yet. Certain head positions....chin to chest, can really trigger it for me, so sewing and crafting and wallpapering and pretty much most of the chores needed to get the house in order are taking much, much longer to accomplish.

Yesterday I felt great, today a little weird. The spinning has stopped but there is a residual weirdness that comes and goes for awhile afterward. I pray this is my last bout with this.

So there is my story and why I have not been blogging, sewing, fancying up the house...and all the things I want to do. Instead, I do one thing and then go lie down for a bit. Miss Molly has been home and what a joy to spend time with her. She is busy looking for a new job and applying to grad school. She has lots on her plate as well.

Hubby has started construction ( he is a general contractor) on a new home almost an hour and a half from where we live. It is a BIG house. BIG. He leaves before the sun comes up and comes home well after dark. I think I have seen him for about 3 hours in the past couple of weeks. ((HUBBY)).

I have two days off in a row this coming week and hope to get some serious stuff done, but maybe not. It has also been leaf peeping season in our neck of the woods and the restaurant has been very busy.

This photo were taken by a good friend Katherine Griswald, please check out her site and see the amazing photos she takes and sells. They would make a great gift this Christmas.

I do have lots to share with you. I know I keep telling you that and you are looking for some evidence. I promise it will come.

Starting to get my Sass back.....


  1. I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone. I just experienced a bout of this after a bad fall. It was odd and unpredictable...very unsettling. But mine stopped all by itself one day. And hasn't been back. So I hope that happens to you too!
    Good Luck,

  2. Oh, you poor girl! I'm sorry you've been going through this - especially when you've just moved and want to be in top form to get everything order. I hope that, like with Tina, it just stops and never comes back.

    Very glad that you're starting to get your Sass back!

  3. Thanks girls...it really puts a crimp in what I want to accomplish, but sometimes we just need to slow down and maybe that is what it is all about. The house isn't going anywhere, so there is no need to rush through it. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

  4. Oh no! What an inopportune time to be sick! Vertigo is tough - I get it after being in an elevator. I hope everything gets wrapped up soon with your moving.

  5. Oh, that sounds just wretched! Hope you are back to your Sassie self soon.


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