January 14, 2011

I Guess I Need to Admit It

I am scared to sew. Back when I started this blog I was a complete beginner. I had not sewn in 20+ years and the only lessons I ever had were in 7th grade home-economics class. That was in 1972 for those of you counting!!! Many of you probably weren't even born yet!

I was naive and excited and chose my first sewing project in this century...an unprinted beauty of a halter dress. I finagled my way through it and with stars in my eyes moved onto the next one. I kept sewing, kept having stars in my eyes and kept finagling. But now with many months behind me I have seen blogs where people REALLY know how to sew. Most of the time when reading them, I don't even know what they are talking about. I wish I did!! I don't have all the proper tools either and my budget at the moment does not allow me to get them. I would love a serger! I would love a self healing mat with rotary scissors.

So I am scared..not really scared, but perhaps afraid to fail. Have you ever been afraid to start something for fear of failure? What got you motivated to get going and try it anyway?Any advise would be helpful.

In a better mind frame...I finally finished and was able to take pictures of the sweater I knit for hubby. I started it last January and he wore it today to my son's graduation from Police K-9 School.

 Knitting Daily
Charcoal Ribbed Cardigan 
design by Kate Kuckro

Quinn graduation 063

Quinn graduation 062
My very own Mr. Rogers!
Quinn graduation 061

I searched far and wide for the perfect buttons and found these vintage leather beauties in France.

Quinn graduation 064
Proud Mama
Quinn graduation 047


  1. So now you know enough to be dangerous! I love that you just jumped into sewing, learning as you go. The point is to have fun! You are certainly talented and as far as sergers, rotary mats and cutters go, they are 'incidental not essential' as Maude (as in "Harold and Maude") would say. Oh, and I love the sweater--great work!

  2. Don't be afraid...sewing is like anything else...a learning process. And while we don't always like to talk about them, those of us who have been sewing for years have wadders, or projects that don't turn out the way we plan, so jump in and enjoy. You always have all of us to come to if you get stuck. Pattern Review is a great site for inspiration and information. As far as tools, watch Craigslist for a good used serger. I have picked up a couple for people I have taught to sew, and I even picked up a fabulous Janome Cover stitch machine recently for $75.00! You can do it! Go for it!!!

  3. Don't be afraid to sew! You've sewn many projects before. :)

    Congrats on your son's and super cute police dog's graduation, btw!

  4. I used to be constantly afraid of sewing for fear that I would screw something up. However, a friend finally talked me into just sitting down and sewing. And you know what, every time I sew it gets easier. Not that I dont obsess and search out a million articles on how to do something with the result I have to force myself to continue the process because it is always a learning process.

    The best advice I can give you is to just jump in and give it a go because if I can do it you can do it!

  5. Don't be afraid! sew!! "practice makes perfection" so you need to sew and sew, in mexico we say something like this " making failures makes you learn"

    p.s. Your son looks so handsome =)

  6. I get afraid all the time of sewing, which is weird because I don't do that with knitting so much. It is almost that when you know you don't have all the "right equipment" or have all the information that it becomes harder to start a project, I find.

  7. For someone who's afraid to sew you've made some beautiful things!

    I admit some patterns make me nervous, but I still go through with them. I mess up a lot of things, but sewing is still fun for me --some days more than others.

    As for equipment --Whats a serger?! I'm still a pin and cardboard cutting mat girl when it comes to clothes sewing. I only get out the rotary stuff for quilting.

    Be brave!

  8. I've been sewing for 40 years and I just got a serger 2 years ago. I don't think I actually need it, but it does a nice job on knits. I don't have or want a rotary cutter and mat. Just sew! If it doesn't turn out the way you want, wad it and call it a sewing lesson. That's how the rest of us learned- am I right, folks?

  9. Don't be afraid! It's only scissors, cloth and thread. There's plenty more if you screw up! :) My advice is to discard ALL the rules you read on so many blogs. There are no rules. Sew what you love, search around if you need help, and ignore the rule-givers!

  10. You did a great job on the sweater and the son :)

    Don't worry about the sewing.

  11. The sweater is beautiful. Love the color and buttons are perfect. The yarn looks so soft.
    I'm kinda apprehensive of taking on the mens shirt, sorta like what have I gotten myself into ?
    Handsome son, handsome,handsome. Great work Mom.


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