January 28, 2011

Shopping Couture

I have been perusing the Spring collections of some designers I love...Valentino and Project Runway's Christian Siriano. I am trying to get some ideas for colors and fabric for the dresses I hope to make.

Look at the neckline of the girl walking away from the camera. Look at the bows!!!!!
 These are so soft and feminine. I love them.
 Butterflies!!! Ruffles!!! Swoon!
 Christian Siriano
 I don't love the color of this. A bit much in the red. But look at the construction. 
I would love to spend just one day inside a design house.

 Love the draping on this one and the gorgeous champagne color.
 Notice the red satin lining on the coat.
Do you have any favorite Spring 2011 collections? Please do share with me.


  1. Hello Sassie! I just found your blog today and I have to say that like you, I love the dresses you've posted (except maybe the mushroom one)! I wouldn't know which one to choose given the choice. Nice to meet you, I'm looking forward to following along.


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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