February 21, 2011

Barbie...I Want You Back

I was very jealous yesterday to see that Peter had picked up a new fashion doll, Alan, along with a carrying case and wardrobe. Drool and swoon.

Sometimes I feel as though I just want to step out of this life and into some virtual play world where I can get excited about dressing a doll, making her clothes and then make-believe play time. It appears I am not the only adult that feels this way...which brings me great relief and joy.

Last week on the news, yes the news...not sure if it was breaking news, but it was news worthy in any case, I heard that Barbie and Ken were back together. What? You had not heard about their breakup a few years back? Bloomberg Business Week wrote an article about it back in February of 2004...and an actual press release from Mattel was made.

And then a few weeks ago this: An actual billboard in Los Angeles...and then some hints on Barbie's Facebook Page got the rumors really flying.

And on Valentines Day it was made public: The Romance Continues.....Maybe Ken got some Viagra for his non-existent genitalia. Did I just say that?

Well anyway, Peter has suggested a play date for my Barbie and his Ken...hey maybe we could make it a foursome and I will bring Midge along for Alan. Are they still married? I am pretty sure they have a couple of children. Peter and I could use my Skipper and his Skipper as fill-ins for the day.

Ahhh dream on Sassy Lassie....

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