February 1, 2011

Guess What? It's a Snow-A-Long

It's snowing again here in New England. 
 Good thing I have nothing to do today except cut out my muslin for the MPB sew-a-long.
Here are my tailor's tacks (above).
And my plaid muslin fabric, which I am hoping may become another shirt that hubby can wear.
The fabric appears to look the same on both the right and wrong side so I searched for a good method to keep myself sane and found this great hint from another blogger. Putting blue painters tape on the wrong side.

While I had the camera out snapping some snow photos, I thought I would take some photos of what we have done to the house since moving in.

This is the dining room before. It was very dark when we bought the house. The floor was a mess and the walls too. All the furniture you see, came with the house. It is 1916 Stickley Brothers.
Hubby refinished the floors and put all new walls and a ceiling in, fresh eco-paint and an 
authentic arts and crafts rug to go with the furniture.

And the corner where you see the TV's above now looks like this.
Stickley Rocker (we have two of these).
 And our Stickley settee
I am going to spend the rest of the day getting my bobbin filled and ready for sewing. Possibly work at the restaurant this evening, although I can't imagine anyone will be going out.

See you tomorrow.


  1. "I am going to spend the rest of the day getting my bobbin filled and ready for sewing."

    Must be a HUGE bobbin. ;-)

    How cool that that furniture came with your house!

    Stay warm and bundled up!

  2. (((Debbie))) as I wrote that I thought of how silly it sounded. But it is a VERY BIG BOBBIN!!!;-)

  3. Nice furniture! I had to brave the storm today to get muslin for my S&S Sew-Along, yuck. I too will be working on the MPB sew-along for the rest of the day, however.

  4. We inherited some mid century modern furniture with our 70's house but not as much as yours, I'm jealous!!

    I also love the fabric you're using for your hubby's shirt. Will you be attempting to match the plaid??

  5. SewSister...attempting yes...watch for tomorrows post. eghads!!!!


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