February 18, 2011


After I finished fitting hubby with his new 'muslin plaid' shirt he shyly looked at me and said, "Could you make me a pair of pants?"

~Gulp~"I have not even made your REAL shirt", I snarled.

Who does he think I am? Betty Crocker? er I mean Martha Stewart? Okay how about Peter?

Men's pants? Don't cha think that is pushing it a bit?

Well in truth nothing it out of the question where hubby is concerned. He is a good man. One of the finest of God's creations...and I really mean that. Hubby is also a rather small creature. 5'6" soaking wet, I mean standing tall and although there is a "Big and Tall" shop for men, there is no such thing as a "Men's Petite Shop". At least I have never run across one. Hubby at the age of 49 has a 30" waist. Ugh! His waist was 29" when I met him 22 years ago. Ugh!

What is the problem you say? Well unless we go to an expensive men's store, we/he usually can't find any pants in RTW that are under 32". And they just don't fit.

So I just threw caution to the wind and purchased the only 30" waist sewing pattern from E-Bay.
 Just kidding, but hubby sure WOULD look swell in those short~shorts.
I bought this pattern and plan on making the non-pleated version over to the left~Mr Arms Crossed Scowling Blond Man.
He will be quite pleased I'm sure. Today I am off to work and the chiropractor and then back to work. I am also thinking about making his "real" shirt (now that I know how to make them) in a different more standard shirt pattern. I am looking around e-bay. I may end up a tad bit behind, but I would rather make a shirt that he loves (it's the collar thing) than one he might never wear.


  1. Hi SassyLassie,

    I've just given you the Stylish Blogger Award :) Although I may not comment often, I always enjoy reading your terrific posts!

    Here are the rules for accepting the Stylish Blogger Award:
    -Link to the person who gave you the award.
    -Share 7 facts about yourself.
    -Pass the Stylish Blogger Award on to 7 of your favorite bloggers.

    Gee, I'm impressed that you're sewing a man's shirt, let alone slacks too - I'm such a novice when it comes to sewing! Keep on stitchin' ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Miss CherryBubbles (aka Andrea

  2. So super your husband is pleased with his shirt. My husband is similarly happy when I do that....I just haven't ventured into making pants for myself, let alone him!

  3. Men's pants aren't hard, but there are a lot of steps. You have to make a real fly, plus those welt pockets in the back. He will love them, and you'll be so proud of yourself that you might even make another pair someday! LOL! Love your blog.

  4. I highly recommend Kwik Sew 3267. Don't pay much attention to the doofy illustration, they're a great pattern and the instructions make everything so clear. Seriously, they fly and the front pockets and the back welts go easy as pie for an intermediate sewist. I kept my pen out during construction to make notes on the instructions but had no need. My husband is slim and petite, too, so he likes that I can make/alter his pants.

  5. Sassy Lassie, I'm really enjoying your blog; I found you via Male Pattern Boldness and we all know how awesome that is.

    Just commenting to say that I find men's trousers easier than women's, fit-wise. It can be a little daunting because there is definitely more construction (the better the pants, the more layers of stuff) but I think that fit is easier for men. There is a lot of good information in Cabrera's book re men's clothing, and especially stuff about pants that I don't think you'll find easily anywhere else.

  6. Richard, thanks for the info on the book. The pattern arrived in the mail yesterday, although i have not had a chance to look at it yet to see the construction detais. I'll look to you for advice in the future about this. I am somewhat of a beginner to sewing.

  7. Awesome...just jump in and remember that muslin mock-ups are always your friend!


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