March 29, 2011

It's 11:00 am

Do you know where your Brother is? Mine is still standing in the corner in a time out looking ever so enviously at the Singer Touch and Sew as she whirls away. I have been a sewing mad women the past few days.

A blog post the other day about UFO's really made me think. I had a vest I had sewn for Miss Moll Doll months ago and never finished. I not only finished it, but sent it out in the mail to her yesterday. I will wait for photos of her wearing it to post more about it.~Check √

I have a Rose Print Dress. Oh yes I do. I need to put the zipper in, hem, and face the sleeves, but heck that is pretty fast sewing for me.~Check √

I also have a lovely green linen fabric to make a matching coat for the Rose Print Dress.~Check √

This bodice now has little pink buttons down the front.



Yesterday I took the long trek out of town and went to the closest fabric store. I bought embroidery thread for the elbow pads, linen for the jacket (just realized I forgot to get thread for the jacket. Please oh please let me have a color to match in my thread arsenal), and denim and accoutrements for the MPB jeans sew-a-long.

And lastly do I dare say I also have a completely finished MPB shirt? Oh yes I do!!! ~Check √

I have been, what do they say? Busy as a beaver the past couple of days.

And finally on my way home from the fabric store I stopped into an appliance store and bought a brand new gas stove. I just don't have the time, energy or money to buy a vintage stove and have it not work properly. So good thing I got all of this sewing done this week because next week is going to be cupcake week.

Have your fingers crossed that hubby is willing to model the shirt tonight. I better go buy a bottle of his favorite wine and make a yummy dinner. I am not beneath buttering him up!


  1. Wow -- it's looking great! Is that Simplicity 2868?

  2. Yes it is Simplicity 2868. I have also added more photos to the post. My camera battery was recharging this morning so I only had the photo from yesterday. Enjoy!

  3. It looks gorgeous! How did I miss this post? Is that the same fabric Peter was going to make his dress out of?

  4. Yes, it is the same fabric. He generously sent me some. I have not worked on it since this post. I have a lot going on in my life right now..I hope to get back to it soon.


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