March 6, 2011

Life Changes

Have you missed me this week? Wondering what I have been up to? Am I sewing? Knitting? or just plan screwing hanging around? Well in truth, this week was supposed to be the start of a 3 week vacation from my work. The restaurant I work in closes during the month of March for vacation and a renewing of wits to get ready for the busy summer season. I had so much planned, sewing of a dress, finishing my MPB shirt, finishing the wallpapering of my kitchen and blogging, blogging, blogging...but things don't always happen as they are planned. Two days before our vacation started, I received a phone call from from a restaurant very close to where I live which I wrote about here offering me a job. I have worked for Pastorale for 5 years and loved the owners and the people I work with, and from my heart the decision to leave was hard, but on practical and financial terms it was a no-brainer. 

I started work there this week and it has been somewhat exhausting. Late nights, new menus, new everything. So bare with me as I adjust to this new schedule, mourn the loss of 3 weeks of vacation and try to get my act together in new surroundings.

Is this fun or what?


  1. Sounds like a very short commute! Congratulations!


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