March 22, 2011

What is That Saying?

Bit by bit the bird builds its nest? Or seam by seam the sewer sews her MPB shirt? I know it is one of those. I googled the latter but found no hits for it. Now I am confused as I was sure that is how the saying goes.

I have not wanted to bore you with the minutia of creating this garment. It would be about as thrilling as watching a slug crawl across a stone patio leaving a trail of slug juice (picked out thread).

I am almost in the hope  home stretch and think it will look like a shirt by the end of the hour. In creating it, I have had to take one step as per the directions, accomplish it, take it out and try again and then put the whole thing down for an hour or a day. I have tried to be as precise as possible with the tailoring and sewing so as to create a real wearable shirt. I believe I am accomplishing this. If I were to sell it for say $25.00 I would probably make about .2 an hour, BUT, knowing hubby as I do, he will have this shirt for the next 40 years and it will look as good in 40 years as it does today, albeit worn in and loved. There is not a person on Earth that I know that takes better care of his things than hubby. He cherishes things, as I cherish him.

Last night during dinner, hubby and I had a discussion about technology and the Internet. In conversation he suggested that I was addicted to the Internet more specifically Facebook. Imagine? Now admittedly I post my blog to it, and I put a status up every couple of days, but friends and lovers, does this suggest an addiction? In a somewhat defensive tone, I quickly stated that I could give it up tomorrow, which is today, but he's not watching so I thought I would do it maybe another day. I further went on to tell him of all the joy I received through the Internet, specific to yesterday, was Peter's post on his wild night out going to a Broadway premiere with his partner Michael while he was dressed as his cousin Cathy (are you still with me?). Maybe he is jealous, but he does not get my enamour with a sewing blog done by a man, more specifically a 'gay man'. So once again I typed into google "why women love gay men". I KNEW there would be post about this and right off the bat I hit the jackpot.

However, according to the big and small screens, it seems there’s a particular kind of gay man with which most women are enamored by: They love the stylish, sarcastic and supportive guy; the gay man who looks good, listens to her and is loyal to a fault. Upon examination, it’s not hard to figure out why women love gay men who fit this criteria.

Let's just take this line by line.  
Men’s clothes
For whatever reason, it seems gay men know how to dress, and they often put us heterosexual guys to shame with their impeccable taste in clothes and high fashion IQ
Case in point. Peter can not only dress himself well, but he can sew his own clothes and his cousin Cathy and here and there for his partner Michael. We get to see his decidedly male clothes along with his ultra feminine creations for Cathy. What is not to love?

Physical fitness
Hello? Have you seen Cathy's legs? I will say nothing more except that Willy and Freddie (his/their dogs) also use a treadmill.

Just read about  the length he goes to, to please his cousin Cathy

Well I really can't speak about his faithfulness, because quite frankly I don't know him. But I do know this, that he faithfully posts to his blog EVERY day and that is my idea of faithful.

Fun? Did they say fun? Just looking at THIS post which made me smile more than I have in a year (or since yesterday when I read his comment about looking like Princess Margaret). And can I be honest? When I viewed this video of Peter and his singing parrot  for the first time I watched it at least 20 times in a row and never stopped smiling. I sang this song while working at the restaurant for weeks on end. Fun? Yes, most gay men are fun, although I do know a few grumpy ones ( just kidding, you know who).

So friends, what are your thoughts on why women love gay men? Do men love gay women? or only when they are together in a porn movie? Ugh!

And since this post needs a picture I am posting a photo of a cupcake I made yesterday in the between moments of frustration with the 'shirt'. I am trying out some recipes to make for Sir Bravehearts upcoming wedding. This one is called "Too politically incorrect to post", but if you go to this link and look at the address, you will see the real name. I think it is a real winner and will be a good selection for my very Irish lad.


  1. LOL. Thank you for this tribute, Lisa!

  2. Haha! I love the name of that cupcake, you silly lady. I still have to hem my MPB shirt but other than that it is done, thank god, and my own devoted boyfriend loves it.
    Who doesn't love a fun gay man? Every girl has one.


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