April 15, 2011

Hooked On Vintage

I have been watching Mad Men the fourth season. I got interested in sewing and vintage things without even knowing about the show Mad Men. One night at the restaurant I was talking about my vintage doings and a customer asked me if I had seen Mad Men. Nope! Never even heard of it. I don't really watch much television other than some news in the morning and maybe a show here or there. I soon forgot about the show and never even looked into it. Frankly I could not remember the name, although I new it had the word mad in it. One day I decided it was time I investigated it and ordered the first season through Netflix. Oh brother!!!! Hooked~hooked~double, triple hooked.

I have never been one to stay up late and after working each weekend late into the night, I could never stay awake through the 10:00-11:00 show when it aired on Sunday evenings. No matter how much I wanted to stay awake, I would inevitably dose off half way through. So after only a couple of shows each season, I would stop watching and wait for the season to come out on Netflix....and the fourth season came out last week or the week before...and I have been hooked watching it. No sewing, no nothing.

But the good news is, we now have a DVR and I will be able to record this years season, whenever they finally get around to airing it, and I won't have to wait a full year. This makes me happy.

Around the same time I got interested in vintage I went to a yard sale and there before me were 15 or more copies of 1950's American Girl magazines. For those that do not know this magazine, it was put out by the Girl Scouts from 1917-1979 and is a classic of the times. I had a subscription in the late 60's and just about swooned when I saw them at this sale. I asked how much they wanted for them, and the girl said 50 cents each. SOLD! These were in pristine condition and I knew I could sell them on e-bay and in fact all but two are gone now. I sold one the other day. But before I sent it off in the mail I decided to take some photos of the advertisements so I would not forget the beauty of the simple, chaste, teen girl image projected in the magazine. These are all from the April 1957 issue.

Today just some ads for dresses you could purchase through the mail. Look at the prices for these beauties. Did they use vinegar and water for these pleats?





More tomorrow including a Singer Sewing Contest for girls. Wait till you see what the prizes were.


  1. I *just* started getting into mad men...goodness deary...I am hooked with a capital H! I'm still working my way through season 3! Love these magazines too!

  2. I too love Mad Men! I watched three episodes in a row from Netflix the other night! I don't think I have commented here before, but I love your blog. :]


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