December 15, 2011


In the middle of writing this post, I was called to go to my parents and help. My dad is having some sort of neck spasms that are causing him lots of pain and discomfort. I have spent the past two night with them and will be here till he can be left alone...God knows when. At the moment we are waiting for a home health aid type person to come and talk to us about his care. He is having trouble getting in and out of bed and my back is about ready to crack from lifting him. Ugh! I had saved this post, so with some downtime here at my parents I will try and finish it.

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I searched the term 'wrapper' but could not find anything on the web. I am assuming because of the type of cloth, design etc. that these are what we might call a bathrobe. Any ideas out there?

Wrapper made by Mrs. White 189?

Wrapper made and worn Miss Masters October 1893
Spring dress trimmed ecru lace and silk vest. Worn at church in Yonkers May 1892

White Chiffon trimmed with white satin and lace. Made for Hannah Chamberlin wedding and also worn at the wedding of Emily Hefferman.



Blue Crepe trimmed with insertions worn for evening at Miss Masters January 1894

What I have found out about the Moore's is that they did not own a home until he purchased the house I grew up in. He and his father rented an apartment in The Dakota in NYC and 'seasoned' in other places in both winter and summer. They had a maid, a servant and a cook that went with them everywhere.

Mr. Moore went to Harvard and graduated in the year 1900 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He then went to China and spent many years, 10 or so, working there. He had a servant there who he called "boy". I have correspondence between the two of them. "Boy" called Mr. Moore "Master".

This is a world I only see in the movies. How fascinating it is to have a small personal glimpse into it. As I research more I will try and blog more about it.

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