January 7, 2012

The Scandal of it All

Imagine going down the hallway of a hotel or apartment building and seeing THIS guy with THIS contraption peering into the room. The women in the background is his wife keeping watch for any interlopers, although I guess you could call Mr. I Spy the biggest interloper on the scene.



Remember this picture was in Life Magazine.
I have to think that if I knew this women I might recognize her even with her face erased out. Change the color of her hair and it could be my mother. Oy!




From 5th Avenue to the bedroom, this particular edition of Life Magazine seems to have really torn at the hearts of its readers. I googled Mr. Graham Moulton and found this  response in the Oct. 13, 1947 issue. No one was thinking very highly of his profession.

This still happens. Right? I certainly know sleeping around happens, but are there private detectives taking pictures? On this account I am completely naive. Scandalous!!!!

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  1. These are my maternal grandparents. The photos were all staged. Scandal!


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