September 12, 2012

I Know You Have Been Breathlessly Waiting

For more Smahart Knitting....

I call this "Rabbit Foot Lady" Come on now gals, don't tell me you aren't going to run to your nearest and dearest yarn store to gather what's needed for this little pretty.
Tinsel Hat Lady

Um...what size is her waist? If it is more than 12 inches round, I will eat that hat above.

Not trying to be fresh or anything, but I think he is a graduate of the gay bird club. What do you think Peter?

Hmmm Ummm. Yup...This is what scares all of those Republicans. 
How about a little tennis lesson, young man?

" Oh Phyllis, do you think my curls clash with the stripe in my sweater?"

"What are you knitting Sally?" 

"Who me?"
" Why I'm just throwing together a nice little matching angora mittens and HELMET"
DSCF4463.jpg about YOU give this gal a title.

Tomorrow I will show you the few things within "Smart Knitting" that I like.


  1. Yes, definitely!

    I'd call that pic, "Autumn Acorn Head."

  2. That last one is the reason so many people are afraid of clowns.

  3. I appreciate your article and it's a fashionable & smart knitting. Thanks man.


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