September 13, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Smart Things

Smahart Knitting things that is...and few it is.

Yes I added the mustache. I could not resist when I saw it in the Flickr enhancements.
 I hear they are quite in right now, mustaches that is.

The one below was gifted to Miss Molldoll by one of her campers this summer.
I guess some things, like cup cozies, never go out of style.

Do you think I could find these cute wedges heels to attach these to?

Watch out family, EVERYONE may include you. Christmas is right around the knitting corner.

I really love this and the gal is quite stunning compared to what we looked at yesterday.
The yellow rose of Texas gal.

I also have to share this with facebook status for today:
My day so far:
1) Found "50 Shades of Grey" on the library book shelf...had to snag that one...just so I could see what my 80 year old mother has been reading.

2) Got a flu shot for the very first time. Now I am officially being tracked by the federal government according to a certain someone (hubby).

3) Did a face/body plant on a moving 5mph treadmill. and ended up in a heap. My first thought was for my teeth and nose...are they still attached. thank God yes...although swollen and bleeding.
And having just left Anatomy and Physiology where we studied the 'epidermis' now I can see a crap load of it on my knee where the skin all burned/scraped off. This is not the easiest way to learn.


  1. Talk about synchronicity: an hour ago I left to go running, exited through the back of my apartment building, and fell splat into a wet cement sidewalk -- they were repaving and didn't put up the CAUTION signs. I am now lying on the sofa with an ice pack on my ankle. Thankfully my teeth and nose are fine. Something is in the air.

  2. Does it count that I cut myself while shaving?
    Glad all your parts are stll attached.
    Is that a muff with Texas Gal?


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