September 15, 2012

This is for you Steph. MPB DAY 2012

I have been so late in posting about MPB day 2012. It happened over 6 weeks ago. Shame on me. Hubby went to pick up some dog food the other day and Stephanie asked about it. Heck it is almost time for next year. In case any of you would like to join us next year, you can save the date today, it will be Sat. August 10th. Be there or be Square.

I started off the day bright and early and arrived in NYC at 9:00 am...and then promptly got lost. One wrong turn and woops I was a goner. I found a parking lot and asked the nice Indian man where the Chelsea Flea Market was, but did not get far. I was beginning to get a migraine and his words sounded something like Charlie Brown's teacher, blah, blah, blah.

There was a park nearby and I thought it might be part of the Chelsea Flea Market. Let me back track. My trouble really began when Peter gave me the directions to meet him at something like "the southwest corner" of 7th avenue". I would not know the southwest corner of my own hand. How the hell am I supposed to know the southwest corner of a street in NYC? Really I kid you not. Directions like that instantly send my brain into a tunnel that there is no return from. Never. I think it is still hiding there and hoping no one will ever mention the 'southwest corner' of anything ever again. My brain does not DO directions. Now think of it with a migraine and soon to be flooded with a whopper of serious migraine medicine  and whoooa. I am surprised I ever made it out of NYC.

Anyway, I gave up on finding the Chelsea Flea Market...and went straight to the Fashion Institute where Peter, God bless his soul, had told us to meet him at this sculpture. This I can DO!!!!!!!!

 Here we all are!

At the Fashion Institute we saw an exhibit of designers from A-Z. There was no real cohesiveness to the collection, but it was wonderful to see a real Chanel, Valentino, and Francesco Scognamiglio.

While viewing these amazing one of a kind garments, a few of us (I don't think I did it)... set the alarms off.
  "Keep your hands at your sides at all times. No touching the garments. Keep your hands at your sides at all times". "but, but, but...they are so close...look ma, you can reach out and touch them." There was a nice guard who just politely smiled at us each time we set the alarm off. (grin).

Soon we were off to have lunch at The Brown Cup. I don't know why I am sticking my tongue out!!!

Looks like I was in the mood to make funny faces.

At lunch, I was able to also finally meet, Peters partner Michael. I'm not exactly sure how it all happened, but we have become fast friends, and I would not have it any other way.
We even look like we coordinated our outfits.

And meeting Peter, what can I say, I have laughed and cried while reading his blog.
 He has made me smile on days I did not think I had a smile in me. I adore the man.
I wish I could have spent more time with them, but it was just not in the cards that day.

 And now off to do what we came here visit the garment district.


Just minutes after entering "Mood"  someone, not sure who, phoned Peter and said there was a commotion outside Mood, as in gunfire, and to stay inside.God bless Peter for a second time. He gathered us and told us to stay inside as something untoward was happening out the doors of Mood. An hour or so later when we gathered our wits about us and made our way outside we found about 30 or more police cars, miles of police tape, 50 or more officers. Peter would not let us (me) stop and be part of the gaggle of onlookers.

Later we found out that a man had come at a police officer with a knife and the officer shot and... well guess the rest.

I am a bit ungrounded on a good day...add NYC (I'm a whole lot country), a migraine, migraine medicine (3 different kinds) and the pure excitement of finally meeting PETER and well....I was more than a bit ungrounded, the song "Fly Me to the Moon" could be heard coming out of my navel. Peter was afraid that I might get lost, so God bless him for a third time, he wrote a note that I could give to a nice New Yorker in case I got lost to tell them where I was supposed to meet him.

I only bought one piece of fabric all day, and I love it. So unique and special. It is a very light peach colored chiffon and was $15.00 a yard. I bought 2 yards. Here I am modeling it in Bryant Park.

I am going to underline it with a silk satin. This may be my first draping project. I sure wish a certain someone would ask me to marry him. I think it would be a nifty wedding dress.

 How's this for a lovely image. This is what happens when your face hits the tread of a treadmill. It's even worse now as the scab keeps getting darker and darker.

Photo: I call this my half-hitler. Someone else thought it was a new aggressive mole growing on my face. Glad it is just 'treadmill' burn.


  1. Ooh I hope so much that you get to make a wedding dress out of that fabric and blog every step of it.

  2. That dress is going to be amazing. A wedding dress would be perfect. I really hope that certain someone asks!

    Thanks for the MPB Day revisit!

  3. Thanks for the excellent report! You really scored a gorgeous piece of fabric.
    Sounds like a great day, even with the migraine, you poor thing!

  4. I vote for the wedding dress. You can come and stick your tongue out in NYC any time you want, Lisa! Thanks for the recap!

  5. I LOVE going to NYC. So much fun. Don't forget the Flea Market
    on the upper West Side. I forget them name, but it's on the opposite side of the street from the Natural History Museum around 72nd?? and Columbus. What a gorgeous wedding dress!


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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