October 20, 2012

Doing more studying than sewing

Ahhhh let me catch you up on my life. It has been somewhat interesting of late. First off, school is going great. I just love it. I love learning, and I adore learning about the human body. What can I say, it turns me on. My teacher is fantastic. He makes it funny, interesting and being a doctor himself, knows his stuff. I love it!!! We have moved through the Integumentary System (skin), Tissues, Bones, and now we are onto the Muscles.

On Sept. 29 hubbies cousin got married...She is 23 years old and a full 27 years hubbies junior. They had a steampunk wedding and we all dressed the part. The wedding took place in the train station of the Essex Steam Train and then we took the train to the riverboat for the reception. it was lots of fun.


 Parents of the Bride (Hubby's Uncle),
who just spent the past year (both of them) walking across the United States.
 cindy and kurk
The Bride
 The day after this lovely event, I received a phone call from my sister telling me our mother had taken a nasty fall while retreiving a frozen turkey from a friends house. She was going to bring the turkey to my sisters house to put it in her freezer. We then found out the turkey was a year old and probably no good anyway. Damn turkey. Now (snort) she is living with my sister. It is not funny one single bit, but as I write about the frozen turkey I am finding it amusing. Sorry Patti. Sorry mom. Snort. I have the giggles. She broke her thumb and her kneecap. She will kill me for posting this photo. She is healing well. She has three more weeks in the leg cast and maybe 2 more weeks in the hand cast. She had to have surgery on her hand. Poor mommy. It has not been an easy year for her. This is what she thinks of the whole thing.
We also went to a wedding in the Adirondacks. It was a nice little weekend away for the two of us and actually happened before the steampunk wedding. Many years ago when I first started dating hubby, I worked in a restaurant. This little girl was around 5 years old and was the owners daughter. All grown up.

We shared a cottage for the weekend with her mom and her 'boyfriend', her ex-husband, and two other friends, I have not laughed so much in years. OMG!!!!!!!!! Her dad, who is a chef, prepared ALL the food for the weekend, and we donned aprons and served the food during the reception.
I wore the cute polka dot dress I sewed...but no one, pointing upward, took a photo of me.


 In other news unrelated to weddings, falls and further education, there is Miss MollDoll AKA Bea Nimble and the Roller Derby world. She is fast becoming a, flash your hands like Mary Katherine Gallagher and say SUPERSTAR. Okay, I am her mother and she DOES where a star on her helmet. If you are ever in the Portland, Maine area, you should most definitely try and see a bout. It is some crazy stuff, and if you figure the game out, come and explain it to me.

I will end with a cute photo of Pabu on our Adirondack  getaway.


  1. There is more glamour in this post than I can handle. Glad to hear your Mom is on the mend!

  2. Oh Miss Sassy Lassie. I hope your mom gets better.
    I'm excited to hear you were at the Steam Train and rode the River Boat because the boat turns around at the theatre I work at (can't say names on the internets you know) and I was probably looking out the window at the boat, not knowing you were on it! Someday I will get to meet you!


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