March 28, 2010

Carroll Reed Kilt

I bought this lovely Carroll Reed skirt at a consignment shop for $1.75. It is in perfect condition and looks to be made sometime in the 60's or perhaps 70's. It has a union label which is visible next to the logo tag, but when I ironed the skirt the writing came off of it.

I thought it was too dear to pass up, especially when I saw what they wanted for it. I posted it on e-bay this past fall for a starting price of $3.99. I thought that was fair. No one wanted it! boo-hoo. Not one bid. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing wrong when I don't get a bid.

It sat in the corner of my room feeling dull and lonely. That is until the holidays. I had nothing to wear to my company Christmas party. There is was all red and lovely and a perfect fit, so I put on a sweater and some boots and voila, a Christmas outfit.

Well let me tell you it was lonely no more. This skirt was the hit of the party. Everyone just ohhhed and aaahed over it it. Where did you get it? It is just so cute! I proudly answered that it cost me only $1.75.

When Christmas day came around I thought why not wear it again. And again it was ohhhed and aaahed over. Here I am at my sisters house on Christmas day with my sweet daughter

It just goes to show that e-bayers don't always know what their missing.

Here's a link to some of the history of Carroll Reed.

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  1. I love kilts and find them alot in charity shops here in the UK. Sadly, they are seen as something only old ladies wear, so they just don't sell very I feel obligated to bring them all home with me! I have an exceptioanlly pretty one in burgundy and teal that I adore and wear frequently in the colder months.

    I say that kilt looks fab on keep on wearing it. Who knows...maybe you will start a trend of kilt-wearing!


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