March 27, 2010

I may be biting off more than I can chew

But I just can't help myself lately. I peruse through e-bay and etsy's vintage sewing patterns and soon start believing that I am some kind of expert sewer who can make almost anything. I see the whole thing complete in my head. I guess that is a good thing. Didn't someone say, "If you can imagine it, you can make it real" or something like that.

Here are some of my recent acquisitions.

This one states at the bottom that it is "Simple to make". I sure hope so.

I bought this pattern because I loved all the outfits I could make. The skirt wraps around and buttons in the back. I like that. But most of all I bought this pattern so I could make the blouse. I plan on making it to go with this skirt which I spoke about in a previous post. I think I will use an off-white fabric then use the umbrella fabric for the pockets with maybe a red peter pan collar. I'll see what I can find at the fabric store.

And lastly I have this beauty. Goodness gracious I LOVE this pattern. It is for a reversible dress with rick-rack trim. Yesterday I picked out the following fabric to use. I still need to find the proper trim for it. The fabric store had nothing to match that I liked.

All in all I believe I have a full plate of sewing on my hands. I am also doing lots of knitting. Isn't there another saying? Something about busy hands keep you out of trouble. In that case I am good to go. But I had better start some of this very soon!

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