April 6, 2010

Almost bathing suit time

This spring we have been blessed with some really warm days here in the northeast. I have donned my suit and pulled out a lounge chair on a number of occasions just so I could feel the lovely warmth of the spring sun on my skin. It feels so delightful after months of cold weather and sweaters.

This got me to thinking how much I would LOVE to sew a vintage bathing suit. I have been inspired by some of the sewing I see over on the blog SewRetro.

One of my favorite places to look at vintage patterns is on this site: http://vintagepatterns.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

I just type in a style I am looking for and oodles and oodles of patterns come forth. I go back and forth clicking at random to see what I can find. Most of them are really hard to find the pattern for, but once in awhile it will be for sale somewhere.

Here's what I found last night while clicking away under bathing suits. In the 1940's as you can see hooded cover-ups were in and they all had a lovely point at the top.

My very favorite is the one to the top, as you can take off the detachable hood and tie it around your waist. I may be able to piece one of these together using a couple of different dress patterns.

This is from the 40's as well. Look at how it ties!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE how the gal on the left is showing the knickers underneath. And the HAT!!!!!!!!! Hot Tomato!!!

This is a Hollywood Pattern. There was a whole line of them back when there was a true Hollywood. Love the bloomers and how about those lace up espadrilles. What goes around comes around. And again THE HAT!!!

This suit on the top has great detailing around the waist. Not sure if it would cover up my thighs though. As for the pattern below it, I want to just jump into the illustration and join those girls for a day at the beach. Oh my goodness look at the smart looking gal with the radio. Where can I find a hat like THAT?!!!

How about this one. Looks like it can go from the beach to the ball, and possibly lunch by the pool before hand. I even found a picture that shows how this darling piece wraps. I have a feeling that sewn up into a bathing suit it would be less than flattering and looking more like a big diaper though.

Here are a couple with ballerina style skirts. It appears the one on the top may be from the 60's from the bouffant hair style on the lovely to the right. I bought a hat last year similar to the one the gal is wearing on the left.

So there it is. My newest obsession. Stay tuned to see if I can manage to concoct one of these out of thin air.

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  1. Awesome Pattern collection, Lisa. I love the one with the knickers too; is it a wrap? Is is our size? Love the halter too.
    Great to meet you yesterday. ~Lisa


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