April 24, 2010

Oh to travel on Route 66 with this lovely

I still have so many items to talk about from the "mother load tag sale find" but first I need to take a trip (if only in my mind) to The Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66. First off, I love the whole feel of it. I would do anything to go the whole of Route 66 in a vintage automobile, in vintage clothes and accessories with my hubby...hmmm maybe for my 55th birthday. Too bad he doesn't share my enthusiasm for all things vintage.

How about this for SPECIAL.

I could take all of my toiletries in this.
 I wish it photographed better. The outside is a luminescent plastic.
When I opened it up today to photograph it I noticed the mirror had broken. What a shame. It was intact when I bought it. I think it deserves a new mirror and I will get one from my glass man.

Okay I admit, not everyone has the same enthusiasm for this piece as I do. 
That's what makes the world go round.


  1. What a funky motel! Definitely perfect for that vanity case. Nice find!

  2. The vanity case is so cute! Kudos to you for replacing the broken mirror with a new one. So many people would consider it ruined and toss it. Hooray for preserving beautiful things!


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