April 23, 2010

Lime in the Coconut a Success

I was a mad whirl wind of activity yesterday. It was one of those days that I did so many things that it made my head spin...but oh what satisfaction at the end of the day!!!!

Biggest joy was finally making the long overdue birthday cake for hubby.

I had saved a recipe from a couple of years ago which features Coco Lopez in the batter. It is a moist and delicious recipe. It made more than enough batter for 2 - 9 inch pans as well as two full pans of mini-muffins which I sent over to my neighbor. Minus the 3 missing here which I ate.

Sifting 5 cups of  Softasilk cake flour  
What is Cake Flour?
Softasilk is specially formulated for cake baking.
It is milled from select soft wheat that gives cakes high volume, fine crumb and delicate tender texture
Cooling on racks

Filled with Lime Curd

Seven  Minute Frosting

This frosting did something weird overnight...it kind of evaporated. Would try a different recipe next time. 

Ready for hubby. I love, love, love this glass dome cake saver. I picked it up at Good Will for $2.00 last year. I wish I had the energy and waistline to have a cake under it all the time.
I guess that is something to aim for.

I wanted to surprise hubby with this the cake. I went out to run some errands while the cake was cooling and did not notice that hubby had come home early. I was in that whirlwind I spoke about and did not notice his truck in the driveway (hello???) While in the kitchen frosting the cake I heard footsteps upstairs which about gave me a heart attack. I was so relieved it was him and not a burglar that I forgot to be upset 
about it ruining the surprise.

Hubby loves Manhattens and I bought him a bottle of Makers Mark for his birthday and some cherries. Without me suggesting it he mentioned it was a great night for a Manhatten and so I went about fixing some to go with our fancy dinner of Grilled Turkey Burgers.

Here is another item form THE tag sale mentioned in this weeks posts. I absolutely LOVE the graphics on this ice crusher. Hubby does NOT enjoy my love of vintage so I do not have it set up in my kitchen. I had to hold it and turn it at the same time which took a bit of coordination on my part, but I managed to crush some ice. The blades are still super sharp and I had already cut one finger on the can of Coco Lopez and sure did not want to loose more blood to this, so I was extra careful.
All set to drink-mmmm...and ready to eat dinner.
I picked these beauties from my garden. They smelled delightful during dinner.

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