April 26, 2010

Tippi Hedren-One classy, sassy lady

Beautiful then, more beautiful today for what she does for animals.

Yesterday while spending hours cutting out McCalls 5281, 

hubby had Animal Planet on and they were giving out the Genesis Awards. Animals are very dear to both of our hearts, but hubby has a soft spot as big as the sky for all animals. He spent 4 weeks in Thailand back in 2003 at the Elephant Nature Park owned and operated by Lek.

Hubby with Lek in 2003
She was the guest of honor at the Genesis Awards a couple of years ago for her tireless work with one of the grandest animals in the world.

While continuing to cut out not one, but two of these dresses and tailor tack them for an upcoming blog, I listened to the awards. This year the Genesis Awards gave a Lifetime Achievement to Tippi Hedren, most famous for her role in Hitchcocks "The Birds".

As an introduction to her at the ceremonies they showed some still shots (not these exactly) my, oh my, isn't she lovely? I guess women really did have waists as small as some of these patterns call for. I just knew I had to blog about her. I hope you enjoy all the links here today.

She is one classy lady..stunning, beautiful and sexy and I honor her for the work she does for all the animals she has cared for at the Shambala Nature Preserve.

Do you know a classy, sassy lady that I might highlight here on this blog? Send me an email.


  1. Great post...I've always admired Tippi. She is so beautiful, even now at he age she is. It was interesting to learn a while back that Melanie Griffith is Tippi's daughter. It's amazing at how much better Tippi is aging in appearance...I guess it's not so much in the genes, but whether or not you "have got what it takes" naturally.

  2. Tippi is still a beauty..Melanie introduced her at the awards and I have to say it appears (don't really know for sure) that she has had too much "work" done. She looked almost plastic.eshhhh.

  3. I love the evening gown she is wearing in the first photo!

  4. Me too Lidian...it looks like she has a 15" waist.

  5. You need to make one post of everything you've made because I can only ever find posts where you've cut out the fabric, never the finished garment!

  6. Okay Lisette I will do that for next week.


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