April 27, 2010

I Have an Angel by my Side

This morning, as every morning, I was reading my e-mail and my kitty Angel came up to be with me. She is much like a dog and follows me from room to room. I usually don't mind but this morning I was planning on starting to sew McCalls 5281 and she was in the way. It is hair shedding time of year for her and her hair gets EVERYWHERE! That and the constant walking back and forth in front of the computer can get annoying.
While waiting for some toast to cook I was looking out my kitchen window and noticed a bug stuck in a spider's web. I searched the window for the spider and found none and felt like the web might be just an old one and this bug had happened upon it. I could not stand to watch it trying to wiggle its way out of the web, and as we all know, its efforts would be in vain. So I saved the darn thing and put it outside. Fly away little bug...have a good life. But then I noticed the same bug on the tomato while trying to shew Angel out of my way.

Maybe it is a sewing angel disguised as a bug. I have lots of angels in my life. Most of them being the celestial kind. In another corner of my life I work with people to guide them to know the angels that walk the path with them. I have also been blessed with the knowledge that they are always with me. Here is a story from another of my blogs about how an angel gave me peace on the morning after my 23 year old son had a heart attack. This blog and website I Surrender This were created as a means to cope when my son was deployed in 2003/2004 and 2005.

By the time I finished moving the bug to a new spot, Angel had made herself comfortable on top of the fabric that was waiting to be transformed into a dress. Sorry Angel but that is not going to work. I went downstairs and picked up her bed and brought it to the sewing room hoping she would settle into it.
Not looking too happy here, so I moved her to the floor.
  "The floor? Really?"
"Let me think about it!"
"Well maybe."

She finally settled in for about five minutes and then decided to leave and take a nap in the sun in the hallway. Sheesh!!! 

Here is a tidbit of what I accomplished sewing. This is the bodice of a reversible dress with rick rack trim everywhere.  The turquoise and white striped fabric is seersucker.


  1. Oh she's so cute! I have a cat as well - a big male tiger named Moose.

    Love your blog, I am going to add it to my blogroll...and thanks for swinging by mine!

  2. Thanks Pam..Angel is in front of the computer screen as I write this. I can't see a thing. Always by my side.


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