April 28, 2010

I Live in a Rick Rack World

I am sewing a dress with lots of rick rack on it, so I thought I would post about my love for the stuff. I could have a closet full of dresses embellished with rick-rack. I could become the rick-rack diva. I could, I could, I could...and how pleased I was when I happened upon this collection of vintage sewing notions.

This past March I visited my daughter Molly in Portland, Maine. She LOVES to go to flea markets and tag sales on the weekends and has some wonderful collections. I'll have to highlight some of them in a blog post one of these days. I had thrown my back out the day I traveled to Portland and was a bit gimpy, but as promised, Molly took me to a great flea market in Portland. I can't recall the name of it and will have to get back to you on that. I was looking for vintage sewing patterns, which she promised me were everywhere, but alas not one could be found on this trip. What I did find for a mere $5.00 was a bag full of vintage rick rack, seam bindings and other wonders.

The stall vendors were a husband and wife team who were selling his mothers sewing collection. They said she NEVER threw ANYTHING away. I could have spent hours there. I am pleased to be able to take her things and someday turn them into something new. From their description, she was a true Mainer, thrifty and creative with how she used things.

There was this cute trim. Any ideas on how to use it? Maybe an apron.
You can see there is lots of it.

There are all manner of different rick rack. Gold metallic, little baby and two toned and all colors of seam binding. I love the red and yellow plaid.
 And look at this adorable pin cushion I found in the bottom of the bag.
 And who can tell me what these round plastic loops are for?
 This was in the bag and all crumpled up. Sorry for the way it photographed.
I love the title: Pin-Money Pretties
"whip up this gay trio" 35 cents for all three.
 Obviously from another decade when the word gay was used all the time to describe fashion.
 Here are some rick rack links  
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  1. The loops are for cafe curtains I think. sew them to the points on a scalloped top and then they hang on a skinny rod. There are other uses too I'm sure, like pot holders and drawstring pouches.
    I hoard rick rack and barely find uses for it....I keep saying I'm going to jazz up boring dresses with it but haven't tried it yet...

  2. Oh, I bet she might have used them to make potholders. I do recall there being a bunch she had made for sale.

  3. Hi there!
    Great to meet you in cyber space! Love your blog, and your rick rack!!

  4. I love pin-money pretties, as I am always talking of my pin money. I do, indeed, have a little jar where in I keep my pin money. I love vintage sewing notions.

  5. Ooh, how fun -- I love rick rack too! Thank for the link to the whole SHOP of it!

    Did you see the post about this great rick rack trimmed dress on Colette Patterns' blog? So pretty! http://www.colettepatterns.com/blog/inspiration/vintage-details-ric-rac-vines

  6. Thanks for the post to that dress on Colette Patterns' blog. It is pretty spectacular!!! I am making a dress right now (anguishing though it) and there is over 12 yards of rick rack on it.

  7. Pattern Junkie and 50's gal...I LOVE both of your blogs and website.


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