May 1, 2010

Patience is a Virtue?

Ugh...I am at a standstill on my creativity. I was going whole hog on my reversible McCalls 5861 and am almost done, but, but, is not hanging properly (I switched it up and added a rick rack trim) and I will need to take the whole seam out and redo. I also may have chosen the wrong fabric. There is so much fabric in this dress that I am dumb-founded. I just measured it and there are 4 yards of fabric gathered for each side of the skirt. It is making a rather bulky waist on the dress. I hate it when something looks so cute but does not sew together as imagined. I am not going to give up on this dress though. It is just too cute.

So I am in search of one of these to help with the fitting and hanging of the dress. I have already suggested to hubby that it would make a great birthday gift, but he seemed uninterested in getting me another thing to clutter up our small home. But I need that is that.

Then I went to go about making the Lemon Snow Pudding. I bought the lemons and was set to make it on Thursday and was sure I had some gelatin...but gelatin. The grocery store is about 15 miles away and I could not go for just one thing...and then I further read the recipe and realized I also need some of these.
I KNOW my mother used to have some, and I also KNOW she handed them down to me at some point or asked me if I wanted them. I do not have them, so I guess I know what the answer is to that. How could I have known Lemon Snow Pudding would come into my life. I am a bit of a stickler for doing things the "proper" way. I want to make this as it was told in the recipe. So I will either have to wait and find some of these at a tag sale or purchase some from e-bay. I am not patient about either of these dilemmas.

But as my whole upper body is aching from being so tense while I sew and blog, I guess a few days off will do me good. Meanwhile I have two other dresses I can't wait to start...but now feel that my dreams of them will not stand up to the reality. I surrender.


  1. Don't give up!!!! Something will come your way to make it easier.....I promise!!

    Those molds look like something Brian might have in his archives---doesn't he have just about everything?

    Just take a few days to decompress.

  2. Have you seen how to make the duct tape body of yourself? You use a lot of duct tape and trash it.

  3. Thinking tonight I might rip the whole dress apart and make it into two dresses. Will let it sit on the hanger for a couple of days.

    I have thought of doing a duct tape dress form. I even spoke to hubby about it. It just feels like too much and the directions seem very complicated.

    Thanks both of you.


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