April 17, 2010

Where shall I wear this?

It feels as though I have so many irons in the fire of creativity I don't know which way to turn. I am finishing knitting up a cardigan for hubby. I just have the button hole band to do but it is over 300 stitches each direction and is taking its own sweet time in being finished. I will post the finished product sometime next week if all goes well.
I also have fabric for the above dress/apron cut out however I need to get to a sewing store (I live many miles from one) to get some double sided seam binding. I just love this little number. It is dated 1948 and it had never been unfolded. I felt so honored to open it up and let the tissue unwind and unfold after all those years.

 It also came with a transfer for the coffee cup and donut and I am still seeking out the proper material to do the applique in. Don't seem to have any brown fabric in my stash, so there's another reason to get to a fabric store soon.

Where shall I wear this? We live on a large acreage farm and there are two elderly gentlemen, one is 91 and the other in his 70's who mow the lawns and cut the fields. I work at night and often times hang out in the morning in my robe.  I think they are dumbfounded as I meander around outside in my fluffy purple robe and I think this pattern will be a great change for them. This is for you Larry and George
Then I still have not made the "Lime in the Coconut" cake for hubby yet although the butter has been softening for 2 days. I have had a headache for days which I think may be related to allergies. It has kept me in a dull fog and without much get up and go. I long for some get up and go so I can finish these projects and start something new.


  1. What an absolutely stunning blog! I love all the patterns you show. *sigh* I look forward to sharing. Monique xx

  2. nice to see that there's still someone who loves sewing!!

    have a nice day



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