May 24, 2010

Animal Crackers and Hats?

My week of hats started out with a grand adventure to the Pet Store for some food for our many animals. In all truth hubby does all the shopping for the animals, but I thought it would make a great photo shoot and I could highlight my friend Stephanie's store called Petpourri at 333 Main Street in Lakeville, Connecticut. It is a family run business and filled with great food, toys and pethold (not household) items.

I saw this dog collar and in an instant thought it would match my McCalls 5861 dress.

I could not resist this display of great looking pet food dishes especially since they matched my outfit.
I could even make it into a hat!!!

I was very timid in driving to the store in my hat, gloves and vintage 1960's Leslie Fay dress. I came 
unannounced and was received with open arms and great laughter from Stephanie, all the while her telling me I looked great. God I love friends like Stephanie!

Well who are all my pets? 
These two are the love of hubby and my life. 
3 year old Shih Tzu's named Dalai and Pabu.
And of course there is Angel's (who is never far from me) tail in the picture.

Angel who is an indoor cat on an adventure outside.
Here is Hubby and Nicky. BFF's for sure.

These two are named Willow (left) and Elliot (right)
They are Bahamian rescue dogs called Potcakes.

The Goats, Billy, Helen and Maude

Hubby loving Billy
  • Miniature Donkey's named Daisy Mae and Dottie
Another Angel (cockatoo on right) and Peanut (on left)

And although this one is no longer with us I could not put up an animal post without touching on the year and a half that we had Penny the Porcupine living on our porch. She had been hit by a car and was paralyzed in her hind legs. Hubby cared for her in unimaginable ways and she lived a nice life till pneumonia took her.
Here she is giving hubby a kiss.
Today I am off to visit my parents in full hat, gloves and vintage dress. Should be interesting! See you soon!


  1. I love your outfit, you look stunning! I liked reading about all your pets, you're lucky to have so many wonderful companions living with you :) And to have such a nice hubby^^!

  2. You look fantastic, and so fashionable. You should wear that dress one a week at least. And that had a minimum of two times a week.

  3. I love you Lisa! You and your vintage fashion "sassiness" are simply the BEST!


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