May 25, 2010

Through the woods to grandmothers house (all decked out)

I set off early yesterday morning to visit my parents.
The two lovebirds in 1952 or there about.
And more recently.

I had to make a stop at the post office and I am still somewhat shy about strolling through town like this. I thought I would go to the post office a few towns over in hopes that no one would know me. But of course the one postal clerk I know was standing there. I tried to sneak out with a quick wave of my hand but that did not work. "Where are you going all dressed up?. "Vintage blog...blah, blah". "Oh, I thought you might be going to a little girls tea party", piped in another clerk. "No, vintage blog...blah, blah".

They did all have smiles on their faces as I walked out the door.

My mom had been begging me to come to their house so I could help them out with some computer stuff. Here I am working on her computer. Yes, it is a staged photo, as I did not wear the gloves while working.
And outside admiring my moms flowers. 
I realized now I am covering up the best part of this vintage dress, which is the yoke.

I found this dress in the same town as I went to the post office in, maybe it was one of the postal clerks grandmothers dresses. It is handmade and purchased at a consignment shop nearby. I would love to find the dress pattern for this and make a new one. If anyone out there has any idea of the make and number of this pattern I would love to know.

 My mom also decided that it was a good day to give me birthday presents.
My birthday is in August. ??? I did not object.

 My parents had planned on taking me out to lunch in my finery to the oldest inn in Connecticut, The Curtis House, but it was closed for lunch on Mondays and we ended up at a diner.
With all due respect I removed my hat and gloves as I did not want to make a spectacle. My parents live in an area of Connecticut where I dare say the median age is over 65. The diner was filled with older people and as I walked out the door to leave an elderly women who was entering looked at me and said, " That is the prettiest dress I have seen in a long time". I just smiled and thought, "of course, of course she would think that. It is probably her dress". This made ME smile.
Here I am pumping gas on the way home. There was a BP gas station across the street for less money per gallon...but sorry BP get your act together and do something about that oil spill.

A women of the 40's, 50's or 60's was not fully dressed without the proper undergarments and I try to be no different. With this outfit I am wearing a gorgeous vintage slip, which I got at "The Tag Sale" and not one, but two small crinolines.

Here is a closeup of the hat, which I purchased for 50 cents last year at the Salvation Army. 
It is a Finely of  New York.

And of course the leather hand embroidered gloves.
Toodles for today. See you tomorrow.


  1. I am addicted to Sassy Lassie's postings so keep 'em coming! So glad that you went to see Mom and Dad...I was thinking of going to see them TODAY..Hmmmmmmm....OXOX

  2. This dress is far more beautiful in person than in the photos--I remember seeing it on you once before and was amazed at how stunning it was. Also, just remember, a proper lady of the 1950's could probably type a manuscript with her gloves on---you better start practicing!


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