May 26, 2010

What's a girl to do when her arm is just not long enough...or Day #3 of hats.

Today I mixed the 60's with the 50's. 
My dress is decidedly from the 1950's and the hat could not reflect the 60's more if it was in neon.

Hubby woke up with a migraine and suffered all day with it so I was on my own to somehow capture today's outfit myself. I did not fair well, as my arm is just not long enough to have the camera far enough away to get the whole of me. 

 Kissing Billy. What's a girl to do? Hubby had a headache.

The agenda for the day:
I received the news last night that the BIG family Memorial Day picnic is going to be at my house. Memorial Day is my favorite holiday of the year (for so many, many reasons which you will hear about more in upcoming posts) and I look forward to it all winter as the start of summer. Unfortunately working in the restaurant business I will be working every night up till Memorial Day, so with little time to prepare I decided I would use today to get my gardens finished.

Each year I take an hour trek each way to Meadow View Farms to purchase flowers and vegetables. The prices there are unbeatable and as the years go by more and more people are hearing about it and it is a mob scene. I thought that at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning it would be empty. Oh NOOOO! Mobbed!!!!
I spent about an hour there and was on my way home with oodles of flowers, herbs and lots of tomato plants.  It is a beautiful ride through the farmland and countryside and I hardly passed any cars the whole two hour drive. 

In certain sections the streets are lined with flags.

and wonderful farms.....

Hey there was even  a place I could have stopped in for a Budweiser!!! 
Can't you just see Sassy Lassie with a cold brewsky in her hand at 10:00 in the morning? 

Compliments on the outfit for the day? One of the non-American speaking workers at the garden center just looked at me and said," Why are you so pretty today?" I just smiled!
Once home and in the garden I took my hat off and did some gardening while still in the dress. Betty (my 87 year old neighbor) came over for a moment to give me a chipmunk that her dog had tried to kill and asked me to save it and also complimented me on a very pretty dress (as she handed me the wet and frightened chipmunk in a kerchief ,(all in a days work for Sassy Lassie). For those reading this that know her, this was a BIG compliment as she is not one who is fond of dresses

Sassy Lassie, her mother, her daughter and her sister.
Since hubby was not available to photo me in the dress, here is a picture of my beautiful daughter Molly in it at my 50th birthday party. It is actually her dress, but she tore the sleeve when she was whooping it up at my party and she left it home for me to mend. It was a simple mend this morning on the sewing machine.
After doing some gardening I was going to put the car away and noticed one of my tires was wayyyyyy low with off I was again 15 minutes each way to put air in the tire. On the way to the gas station, is Freunds Farm Market, and so I stopped and picked up a few more essentials for my garden. The cute owner, Theresa
looked at me and said, "Oh gosh, that dress looks like you stepped out of 1950". And I said, "yes, it is from the 1950's" and she repeated herself a couple of more times and I repeated myself a couple of more times. Finally it sank in that the dress was vintage and WAS from the 1950's. We both had a good laugh when she finally got it.

 Today was a very hot and humid day here and I kind of wilted as the day wore on, but I wanted to show you the hat which I acquired from the Salvation Army for 50 cents.

It is a much, much deeper blue than the photos are showing. It has a patent leather band with the awesome chain. Gosh I love this hat!!! And it is a Gwen Pennington Exclusive!!

Till tomorrow....


  1. Ummmmmm..Sassy Lassie I would have gone with you to Meadow View Farm...:( Need to buy my garden plants! OX

  2. Love the dress AND the 50 cent hat!


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