May 27, 2010

Sun Porches and Buttercups

It was too damn hot to do much of anything today, but with a boat load of  company coming on Memorial Day I needed to keep moving. I just could not manage more than a straw sunhat today. Here I am early in the morning watering a few of the plants I put in the day before. I am wearing my Coffee Klatch dress and it was perfect for this work.

I also needed to get our sun porch all spruced up for the festivities.I am one of those entertainers that likes to be over the top prepared for the day. A previous life as a caterer sets me to making everything not only taste good, but look good and that includes as much presentation and ambiance as I can manage.

Last year I picked this wonderful tray up at the Goodwill for $1.00. I love the Mediterranean look of it.
And then I flipped it over and....VOILA...
It sits on my porch with these glasses on it...ready for some ice tea, lemonade or perhaps a gin and tonic.
I love, love, love these glasses
I also could not resist a photo of these buttercups, which I know will get mowed over tomorrow.


  1. Love those cups! Major cup envy. Where do you find these things? Please, take me as your vintage apprentice, sensei! heehee

  2. You find the BEST stuff Miss Sassy Lassie! Next time you go thrifting, I'm going with ya!


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