April 20, 2010

Gloves for all occasions.

As promised I am going to post some of my wonderful finds from a tag sale last spring.

As I sped down the road with my eyes peeled for a tag sale, I saw a sign, some tables and a truck-trailer on the side of the road. Hmmmmm looks interesting I thought so I swiftly pulled in. It was a Sunday morning and no one else was there except the women having the tag sale. I started rummaging around. What I was most interested in at the time were vintage cookbooks that I could use to find recipes for the venture on Connecticut Style with my sister. I did find one called  "Come for Cocktails, Stay for Summer". Gosh how I adore that title. Not sure I would adore the "Beef in Aspic" that I just opened up to while writing the blog.

I digress. I think I asked her if she had any vintage clothes and she said she thought there was a box way in the back with some stuff in it. She then told me that the tag sale had been going on since Friday and most of the good stuff was gone. This tore my heart out and still does because the things I found were wonderful and I can only imagine what others took away. There was stuff everywhere. Tons and tons of things. I did not know where to turn next. So I went in search of "the box" and I soon found it. I opened it up and found gloves. Lots of gloves. I tried not to act as giddy and thrilled as I was. Tried to remain calm and cool. I kept shuffling. What I came away with on that day still boggles my mind and I don't even dare say what I paid for it. Let's just say she was SO READY to be rid of it that I got a great price.

I have blogged about a few of the items already: Toaster and Electric Can Opener but today I will speak of:


These gloves are suede and a deep indigo blue. The photo on top shows the embroidery work and the photo below shows the actual color of the gloves. These are elbow length.
This pair are leather with a gauntlet cuff. The inside of the cuff is a deep blue.
And these....Pure heaven with kid leather, a pearl button and open piece at the cuff.

Suede in a lovely dark tan/mustard color with yellow stitching.
These are the gloves I am wearing with my Parasol Skirt and Top. 
Love, love, love the row of buttons up the arm.

I really need to quickly sew up an outfit to wear with these. Look at those precious flowers. They are leather gloves and the photo does not do them justice.

I have not counted them lately, but if I recall there were over 39 pair of gloves. Not one of them was missing its partner. The women who owned this lived in New York City and I can only imagine how much style she had. Most all of the gloves are used and were worn all the time. There are a few that are brand new but most of them she wore. How I would love to see photos of the "outfits" she wore to go with them.

I need suggestions for a sewing pattern to go with the gloves at the top of the page. Notice the square, rather than pointy fingertips. The gloves don't even cover the wrist and are soft cotton with the flower in patent leather. Stay tuned for more..........


  1. You are so lucky! Those are absolutely adorable. Vintage gloves in good condition seem to be soooo hard to find.

  2. What an amazing haul! lucky girl.x

  3. Hello Sassie Lassie, I have just stumbled across your blog (via Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing) and am loving your work! I have just spent a lovely hour or so reading about all your projects and you have inspired me. BUT...I am green with envy at your glove haul. I have lots of gloves acquired from a number of different sources; inherited from my grandmothers, saved from my mother's throw out box (oh those old things, what do you want them for?), found in op-shops (what we call thrift stores here in Australia). But none of them have the individuality of yours. They are soooooo gorgeous.

    I have now added your blog to my favourites...yet another delightful way of procrastinating...

  4. Thanks fashionista...yes my gloves are pretty special. I love the way they smell and I love that they were really loved and used by a real live vintage gal.


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