April 19, 2010

Parasol Skirt and Top

I finished this a few weeks ago but never had a chance to photograph till yesterday. The weather has also been rather chilly to prance around in this as yet.

The skirt is Vogue 7540 with a center inverted pleat.

Here is a blog post about the fabric and pattern. The top came from this pattern.

Showing off my small crinoline to give it some swish.
My hubby gets such a kick (not really as he rolls his eyes) as I strike a pose.

Up closer. I was so pleased when I finally figured out how to put the pockets in. The directions were a tad bit confusing for this beginner sewer. But then I amazed myself by putting the second pocket in WITH a side zipper in the same spot. I still don't know how I did it.

 Here is a close up of the front of the blouse. The off white fabric has a small swirl pattern to it that can't be seen from the photos. The red buttons came from a stash of buttons I got in this basket of goodies from the thrift shop. Gloves will be blogged about later this week.


  1. Well done you! It's wonderful, you should be very proud.x

  2. That is the cutest outfit ever! Great job, I love the fabric

  3. It's adorable! Great use of that fabric (which I love!)

  4. Oh, actually you can totally see the scroll design in the shirt fabric in that big picture! I love how you incorporated the print into the shirt. Cute outfit! And are you saying that you made the gloves too?!?

  5. No I did not make the gloves. They are vintage. I am blogging about them today. Follow my blog if you'd like and you can see all of them.

  6. What a pleasant surprise. Welcome as a new follower of my blog.

  7. Very, very cute outfit. You could make a belt from a vintage belt kit. That would go nicely with the top. And...I love your dog!

  8. Ah, that fabric! Love it and love the outfit!


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