May 16, 2010

My Barbie Sunglasses

 Last year I bought some glasses at a local vintage clothing store. I fell in love with how I felt they looked on me, but I could not see what I looked like when I had them on because the 50's gal whose they were originally was almost blind. The prescription was something I could see NOTHING through.

Well, last week I went to the eye doc for a check-up and was thinking I would make these into sunglasses with my very own distance prescription lenses in them. I put them on for the girl who was helping me and she exclaimed, "Look at those Barbie sunglasses, they are awesome!!" and went in the back and popped the dark green glass lenses out. Barbies are blue...mine were dark green!

Finally I could see what I looked like in them. I was not impressed! I then asked her how much it would cost to put my prescription with non-glare lenses into them as sunglasses. She told me around $150.00.

I live out in the country am wondering if I might appear to be Lisa Douglas if I wear them!

 I see right off that my eyebrows are not as high as Barbies!

My best sexy Sassy Lassie.

View from the balcony!!!

My friend Stephanie thinks they are awesome and all I need is a great scarf and a convertible. I have plenty of scarves but my car is one of these.

So what do you all think. Should I spend the money or not? Please help this girl out...and be honest!

What Shall I do With These Glasses?
Put them on E-bay for someone else to buy
Hide them in my drawer for another year
Fed-Ex them to  Lisa Douglas
Run to the opthamologist and have the prescription lens added
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  1. Remember, all you need is a great head scarf and a convertible....DO IT!!

  2. I think you should do it, they're great! But if you decide you don't want them...let me send you my address!

  3. Love them! You MUST get prescription tinted lenses in them!

  4. I REALLY love the glasses! They give you even MORE personality! They are fabulous!


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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