May 19, 2010

It's de-lovely, it's de-lightful, it's de-leafy

Yesterday as I was out and about, I decided I would stop on the way home at my favorite thrift shop. I have never come away from this gem of a store empty handed, much to hubby's dismay, and yesterday was no different.

I was out and about traveling 35 miles to pick up some fabric mend. You see I accidentally snipped a small piece of the dress fabric as I was trimming a seam in my "almost finished" McCalls 5861. Ouch!!! Horrors!!!

The errors in creating this and depths of determination it has taken me to finish this dress will be posted about very soon. That is if I can manage to find someone to take some photos.

Back to the thrift store. This is the same thrift store where I purchased the fabric for this dress and where I purchased this magnificent turquoise hair dryer. And while prepping for my 50th birthday party I found a great wooden serving tray there shaped like a leaf. How excited was I yesterday when I saw it's long lost companion "nut/olive/candy" dish sitting on the shelf for 50 cents.

I just knew I had to plan supper around it and a delightful smoked salmon on sale was the perfect choice.
I had also picked up a lovely assortment of olives (this was all BEFORE I went to the thrift shop...kismet at it's best).
 Hubby came home saying he was starved. I was hardly even prepared except in my mind for dinner, but 15 minutes later I had it on the table.
 Arugula, strawberry, toasted pecan salad with pink peppercorn dressing.
And I even had dessert. My friend Stephanie e-mailed me this dessert recipe a week or so ago and while shopping I picked up all the necessary ingredients. It only takes about 15 minutes, minus cooling and jelling time to prepare. It's a snap and hubby adored it, even though at 138 pound, and one of the most conscientious eaters I know, was told he has high cholesterol last week.

Here is the recipe for the Martha Stewart Lemon Chiffon Cake:

1 - 3oz package Lemon Jello
1 - cup boiling water
3 - tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 - 8oz package cream cheese at room temperature
1 - cup sugar
1/2 - tsp. vanilla
16oz - heavy cream
2 - packages of lady fingers

Dissolve jello in boiling water. Stir in lemon juice. Put aside--cool to room temperature (I always just put it in the freezer to cool off quickly).

Cream together: cream cheese, vanilla and sugar. Mix in with jello mixture.

Whip cream until stiff. Fold into cream cheese mixture. Put in fridge.

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  1. Your dinner looks like something you'd bring to one of Brian's parties---tres elegant! Hubby is a VERY lucky man indeed.

    Glad the cake was a success:)


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