May 4, 2010

The Only Snow Here is Lemon Snow Pudding

The Snow Pudding was a BIG hit. Hubby asked me if it was hard to make, and then asked me if I could make it EVERY week. After 21 years I know what he will like and I knew he would love this.
 It says it will only cost 11cents per serving. I bet it would only cost about 50 cents today. 
It is rather figure friendly too.
 Love my microplane and although it is not vintage, 
there are some things just too improved to go backwards with.
Here is the Tupperware mold which ended up being the perfect size.Tupperware is one of the easiest ways of removing the gelatin. I just removed the heart (it is removable and there are lots of different designs to inter-change) and it plopped down on the plate.
Up close and personal with Lemon Snow Pudding. 
You can see all the bubbles created by whipping the egg whites.
Ready for the fridge. It took about 4 hours to  gel.


And here is today's photo of Angel as she sits on top of the April 1951 Woman's Day magazine.


  1. Looks yummy. I don't "do" gelatin myself, but my Beau doesn't mind it. This looks like a good dessert for a dinner party. I just love vintage recipes and making them up, but since I went on my crazy raw food diet Beau is left to eat them all up himself.

  2. Yum! Looks amazing!

  3. Lassie,
    Your snow pudding is just beautiful !! I shared the story with my grandmother - and - now I am tasked with making it too - can't wait (although mine won't be quite as festive with the mold & garnish - but hopefully will taste as yummy). Love your blog and stories.... XXOO

  4. I've been making Lemon Snow for years. The recipe has passed down through the generations. It's an absolute favorite. Found your blog because I was coaching my daughter today. I never thought of putting it in a mold. Love it. Thank you.


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