June 2, 2010

Every Recipe a Prize Winner...well maybe.

This morning I pulled out this vintage cookbook titled My Favorite Recipes, with a subtitle, Every Recipe A Prize Winner, so that I might be inspired to cook something new and vintage this week for dinner and there were those words again, "processed, Accent, dried beef, canned meat". Ugh! I feel this generation got lots of things right, but where certain ingredients are concerned, they got it all wrong"...and cookbooks of this generation are filled with them. I would guess future generations may have the same thing to say when they see all of our "diet cookbooks" filled with icky low-fat, processed ingredients. They certainly will say something when they look back on all the processed foods filling the shelves of our grocery stores.

For the most part, I am a healthy eater so finding a vintage recipe to fit the bill of our lifestyle can sometimes feel daunting to me. I try to buy foods in the least amount of packaging and closest to their natural state as possible. I garden and can't wait for the bounty this year brings.  I also love to season my food with lots of herbs and they are pretty non-existent in many of the older recipes. Bland is not for me or hubby...and on a side note might I add that hubby made the most phenomenal potato salad for our Memorial Day picnic. Yummy! Filled with dill, egg and onion!

I am still feeling a bit like the chap illustrated here after all the festivities of the weekend.
With summer almost here and hot weather already prevalent where I live, I took a look this morning at some salads thinking, "Maybe a nice salad dressing?" Purchased salad dressings NEVER come in my front door. I detest the taste of even the most expensive ones.

 This is one thing we forgot to do this weekend. Darn...and yes, I mean it!
I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree, for when my daughter MollDoll saw me pull the Hellman's Mayonnaise out of the fridge she gasped, "Don't you have any good mayonnaise? I prefer the organic or homemade version she continued". Eghads!!!!
 Miss MollDoll really took to this apron of mine and asked if she could have it. "It's yours if you want it!", I said.

 So this recipe is for you Missy, minus the Accent of course!
And if you're feeling fancy you can turn it into this:

But this will be on the agenda for me today. It seems simple enough for the amount of energy I am feeling, which is not much!
French dressing, minus the Accent!!!

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